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Comparison between two noids

Comparison between sgt-25 and thj-018
My research shows these are two of the more relaxed “safe” noids, which I’d be using weekly. I’d like to use them out of a juul, and I’m wondering how they compare especially for a seasoned smoker currently without a tolerance.I understand the risks of using noids, and I’m set on it, so save your breath on trying to shy me away from them.I notice this with cannabis, not the losing consciousness though. is it different per say or more intense?Check out the PsychonautWiki for specific substances. I think sgt-25 has had kidney problems linked to it. I think it’s often the main thing they put in uk herb blends, notorious for fucking up lives.If I had to pick, it’ll be the-018. Also I have to warn u in good conscious, around 80% of my mates that buy noids for personal use ended up psychologically addicted. If you don’t have much responsibility it’s fine I guess but it can really set you back in life.I’m gonna spiel a bit. Noids is a hard drug, I would recommend microdosing if you want a therapeutic recovery from harder drugs. Heroine addicts drop their habit for spice. It’s a high possibility you won’t go back to weed for a long time.
That being said, I found c-juice to be insanely entertaining but it I ended up borderline depressed after 2 months of almost daily use. Sometimes I wish I had it with me when I’m watching a movie or out in nature, but having higher serotonin is so much more worth it.
Some harm reduction for when your noid arrives:
Keep the blend at 5ml, never up your dosage.
Turn off your vape after one puff, never chain vape unless if you plan to have a psychedelic experience. This also helps with managing tolerance.Avoid sharing it with friends if you care about them, especially the ones that get addicted to things easily.
A shitty low power and small battery capacity vape such as an Ego CE4 pen will help with addiction management. I had this for two weeks and I was fine, but when I went to a heavier vape that’s when I ended up psychologically addicted with lower serotonin.Leave the juul at home, it’s too tempting to vape throughout the day. This is how people fuck up their tolerance and end up oding cos they up the dosage, causing permanent damage.Also don’t get tempted to smoke it unless if you’re super anal about measuring the micrograms with a reliable scale. From what I’ve heard it can get crazy, but if habitually eyeball it then your asking to fuck your life up.It’s about setting small strategies to avoid full blown psychological addiction, and permanent psychical damage.It should be noted that I have experienced NONE of these effects vaping 5f-mdmb-2201out of a 10mg:1ml ratio (started at 1:1… Settled down to a 4:1). I use it every few days, get high as shit, and am fine in a few hours. I will be saving this for sure. I keep myself on a tight schedule with my drugs, Excel sheets and everything and never use cannabis consecutive days. I don’t say this to sound cocky, rather as a measure of protecting my life outside of use. It is very possible that I will dislike noids and remain sober until I can use cannabis again.Nonetheless, thanks a lot for your care and concern, I have some thinking to do before I order. This really helps me out and it is the exact info I was looking for.

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