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Experiment transferring noids onto a piece of paper!

Cannabinoids are not water-soluble mate, alcohol or acetone might work for this job. Dont remember which vendor but I’ve seen cannabinoid blotters once. Dunno whether they work sublingually.

I want to transfer noids on to a piece of paper so that if the paper was ripped up and put into a roll up it would give you the same high as any other spice blend. (I know this might sound weird but its what I want to do)…… If I do this with acetone will the paper discolour?.

Am I better off using a different solution such as rubbing alcohol?

Also how much ML would be enough for 1 sheet of A4 paper?

What would the best method be to apply the noids on to the paper, and do you think this will be possible?

Advice would be appreciated.

 Im asking a question which i thought would have an easy answer but after doing a little bit of digging ive found slightly conflicting reports. Chnaces are the answer(s) will be somewhere in this big compendium of knowledge that is UKCR but i want to ask directly to get a more panel view.

Preamble: Ive a pot smoking friend who is very determined to join the army. Hes been training himself very hard and has completed abstained from natural cannaboids for some time now. I suggested he try a synthetic blend, based on the belief (which I still mostly hold) that synthetics will not show on the standard 7/10/whatever panel drug screening test ran by the british forces.

The Noids im referencing in this blend are specifically AB-FUBINACA, TJH-018, THJ-2201, But information regarding all noid and test experience would be beneficial for others so if you know any please add it to this thread. 

After doing a little searching more focused on AB-F than over the THJ ive found out that, well obviously AB-FUB and its metabolites show up in a urine test but only if they are specifically being looked for. So for all intense and purposes AB-FUB at least in my understanding should come up clean. Ive found less information reguarding detection of THJ in biological fluids.

My questions are more specially aimed at those who have had to pass drug tests, if anyone knows what standard of test the British army use? that would be helpful but also a question to those who understand more of the breakdown and metabolism of these and other cannainoids and if they might be detectable through standard army drug tests of throw a false(ish) positive?

Tests for cannabinoids are highly effective and it seems to take around 1-2 month globally for any newly-launched noid to become detectable. Then it’s just about physical test distribution to the entities concerned.

Your friend definitely shouldn’t risk it if he wants to maximise the chances of reaching his goal, as visibility is sought aggressively in this area, for obvious reasons.

The tech is shared UK/US/Nz/Oz/Can and you will get  caught in those places.

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