Updated : Nov 25, 2019 in Cannabinoids

Gets ADHD symptoms during spice intoxication

Every time I smoke synthetic cannabinoids, aka spay, I get a lot of ADHD symptoms, I can’t sit still for five cents, preferably walking long miles. My thoughts go high and I get incredibly hard to sit still. Anyone else experiencing the same thing?
When me and my close friends smoke us a really fat one, it may happen that we start walking but because we are so affected you forget that you are going somewhere so we can end up several km before we find ourselves, “where have we ended up now “But in any case, it may happen that the spike activates an underlying ADHD that becomes more evident during a spice intoxication? Is the same for me, but especially during the” ignition “when I smoke for periods. Do you think yourself does adhd have symptoms even when you are sober? But not as strong as when you smoke
Have not done ADHD investigation but suspect now that I may have ADD. (Adhd without the hyperactivity) But thought it might happen to most people during the rush, that you get adhd / add symptoms.When I took spice I also could not sit still, I get so damn much energy and become tank spread. however, barely grasp what I was thinking when I smoked

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