Updated : Nov 19, 2019 in Cannabinoids

Have Chemical Services and Hydrachenms closed down?

Comes on Hydrachem’s page, but no products. Chemical services does not include one on the page. Any options?
Hydrachems told me about 2v ago that they would bring in new products including smoke mix. Chemicalservices closed down and moved to Spain and opened Vchems, which has now also closed down. The above is absolutely right !. Also think that Hydra will take in one last attempt when no big profit at all after the “name change” would say that you are 4-5 a among shops in sweden as max !. As far as CS is concerned, it is obvious if you have followed their curve for 2 years now you are clearly told that you will not exist forever. Even when we got rid of the domestic freight from chemical services in Sweden, I realized that there was something on G. Then it was laid down a few months ago, everything moved to Spain as UK laws prohibit the sale of Rcs. There the emman just opened Vcchems which may not have gone so well (luckily I did not place any orders). If there aren’t that many left it is Researchchemicals.com that applies. however very little smoke mix overall like this in 2016. sorry for long post but really thought it was time to start a thread about our “old goodies for shopping” etc.

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