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Hhc has to be the stylish noid

Lately ive been testing some different hhc disposables and they smack actually nearly on par with d9. I enjoyed it so much that i decided i wanted to find some in bulk and i came across the 4 horsewoman mix on loud house hemp and it has d8 d10 (which i tried lately and enjoy a lot too) thc-o and hhc and when i saw that i knew i had to give it a shot so i copped 15gs and some cherry pie terps for only 100$ after shipping, which was about 15$. I have n’t entered it yet as i put in the order history (will review formerly i try it) but i largely recommended anyone who hasnt tried d10 or hhc yet to give it a shot, that shit blasts.
I am curious about any noids that might be near to D9 but at the same time I unfortunately have a history of abusing D9 in the history. I suppose I should stick to D8 because of its further manageable high. Occasionally I wish I had D9 rather because the high is” nearly there”but not relatively.
Still, I suppose for me that is a net positive and I need ot keep it that way.
I am also happy HHC is vastly more precious than D8 so it will be bring prohibitive for me. It’s not that important but enough to make me break and consider the purchase.
Also if youve tried lhh 4 horsewoman mix how good was it in your opinion?
I just got some of Tip as Yolas “ The Dopest” HHC disposables in the Venom OG and Sour Diesel and the actually poke. For sure further of an effect I ’ve ever got from delta 8 that I notice. I do also prefer a further head high and for me HHC provides that feeling further than D8.

I ’ve wedged with exhale heartiness and 3chi for my D8 in the history. HHC is the closest to D9 that I ’ve tried.
As for HHC in itself, from good merchandisers of course, its by far my fave alt noid. I tête-à-tête feel like it has a much further noticable cortege effect change with minors than D8 does, I’d say presumably on par with D9. I suppose about it as the stylish corridor about D8, but indeed better.
I got mine from Vivimu, and while I am slightly more alive about buying from them now, the product I got is great and I got enough to last me for a while lol I also get raw material independently and mix it in different rates depending on how I am feelin at the time, and I largely suggest that system, but I also understand there are numerous good reasons why its may not be the stylish option for you

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