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How Bad is A Noid Overdose?

When I asked about smoking powder I was pretty much told “if you smoke powder, you will ALMOST CERTAINLY overdose”.  I don’t doubt for a second that that is not true, I’ve had excellent information from you all since I first considered smoking noids, I just wanna know when you say overdose, how bad are we talking? From what I’ve read it sounds just like overdoing it’s natural counterpart with a bit more psychological trauma.
So, my question is,  has anyone seen or heard of any reports of anything beyond that? . I do have  respect for the noids, thankfully I was well warned when before I started smoking them. One of the reasons I asked is since I had a bad time on MXP and whatever it was BB sent me, white powders scare the shit out of me. I’m bad enough with things I’m familiar with but having large amounts of one I don’t know has been stressing me for weeks.  I wouldn’t smoke powder but that hasn’t stopped me worrying about what happens when it’s in there. Anyone ever been more seriously affected or had physical health problems?

I used to vape pure powder of a couple of the noids.

Just a little too much and I would get massive paranoia, spinning thought loops, pounding heart and just a hellish feeling of being fucked up, badly. The last time that happened I just lay there thinking “remember this is not fun, remember this is not fun, remember this is not fun” over and over again.

Shortly after that I flushed all the powders I had left (a collection of about 8 different types, a gram of each, quite a stash), and haven’t indulged in any ‘noids or blends since. Lesson learned after a few misadventures.

my mate took a hit from a bong (blend), freaked the fuck out, ran out into the middle of the street, then proceeded to have a seizure. 

Seizures have a very real possibility of killing you, so I’d say a noid overdose is pretty damn bad tbh.

And remember, this was from a blend, not pure. Smoking pure is asking for trouble. It’s the worst possible feeling of impending doom and heart failure, I tend to go quasi-blind and there’s a terrible looping gibberish in my brain that makes me feel like I have brain damage. Jesus, never again. Even though it didn’t kill me, I often get shooting pains and after long term smoking it’s actually changed my thought processes and ruined the real thing for me, I’m far more susceptible to get stuck in thought loops, and thinking about my heart in anyway, even acknowledging it exists, is an easy way to drag me down into a panic attack at times. These synthetics cover a wide range of compounds but there has been reported or suspected deaths and countless anacedotes of seizure and other serious effects. They really don’t sound worth it to me to try and copy feeling stoned how ever bad shape the weed market is. What Kerensky said. If you’re vaping powder even if you’re really careful you’ll probably have a few minor over doses which are like paranoid, anxious psych trips. But as long as you keep reminding yourself how short acting they are you’ll be fine. It’s definitely not enjoyable but I’ve learned quite a lot about myself or my current situations from some of these trips. If you’re not careful you could have a bad overdose which involves severe paranoia, discomfort, seizures etc. All bad, so be careful with these they’re not as safe as the real thing!

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