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How do I make C-Liquid with it

How do I make C-Liquid with 5fMDMB2201 ?
Like what do I need and what are the steps ?My Vendor told me btw that 5f-MDMB 2201 is soluble in a 80/20 PG/VG mix with no other solvent needed.
when i made c-liquid with 4f-adb, i used a small bowl, i put in a capfull of iso-alchohol then around 100mg noid and let it dissolve, probably need to stir it a bit, 4f-adb dissolves real quick, jwh-210 does not, it requires some heat.
then i added 100ml 50-50 vg/pg, i like big clouds so the more vg the better, if you use 100% pg, you dont get big clouds.
then mix this on a hotplate, heating element, or if you really want to use a water bath, au-bain method, thats up to you, or probably more up to what you can get your hands on, whatever you do, do not use an open flame .after a while you will notice the smell of alchohol is gone, it took me about 1 hour of warming the solution before i was happy the alchohol had evaporated.even then i left it open for another hour or more to cool down, nobody wants to vape leftover iso-alchohol.
but i still prefer to smoke my homemade blend, for some reason i feel vaping just doesnt do the trick, so i keep the vape for driving, or other occasions i cant smoke.I don’t know why this is suggested, as the isopropyl alcohol will not easily evaporate out of the solution. Is there any way to avoid iso? Maybe try dissolving the Noids in pure PG and then adding VG? That’s what I’ve always done for cannabis concentrates, especially CBD which is notorious for not dissolving into VG and separating. Just use plain PG with no heat overnight, it should dissolve. Or at least you won’t be any worse off if you do need to add the iso and try the above recipe.Also, I would use everclear as iso is way more toxic and harder to purge, and I’d purge the fuck out of it on a hotplate/coffee warmer. I wouldn’t do an hour. Sure, it probably will be purged after an hour, but you do not want iso in your body.U just use pure PG, seems a lot easier and safer.because i am used to making my blend with iso-alcohol, and it evaporates pretty quick, plus the smell of acetone is terrible.Have fun trying to mix PG and VG without a sonic homogenizer or tissue tearor, have you never mixed oil and water ?I wasted too much time/money/energy and more importantly bho trying to mix it to straight PG then adding VG, but hey lostinsauce obviously has some magic trick to keep his pg and vg together…But i got sick of watching my mix separate and seeing the bho sticking to the inside of the bottle…But yeah just use straight PG, that does work, i made a couple of mixes like this, but when i used them, they give me a sore throat, along with no clouds, takes away something, a certain box does not get ticked, in my brain, so i switched to trying a mix with noids..Big clouds aren’t that important to me I just want it to taste ok and to not fuck up my throat.
I thought you could just mix PG and VG as is ?How do you get the iso out of the liquid ? Just let it sit ? makes sense to solve the noids first with iso/acetone, because I can’t dissolve it in a PG/VG mix and if I add VG after it’ll just dilute the liquid, and you said I can’t just put VG/PG together as is.I have tried a lot to mix PG and VG, but without the homogenizer it just doesnt mix,i get a sore throat from only PG,i wish i didnt, that would make everything so much easier, just using PG. there is a mixer, designed for kitchen use, for mixing salad oil and shit to make a nice salad dressing, if you can find one, then i would for sure give it a shot.I heat up my mix to get the iso-alcohol out, on a hotplate, iso-alcohol has a boiling point of 78c, but you dont need to heat up the mix that hot, it evaporates before that, i never measured the temp of my mix, so i dont know for sure…It may not be scientific, but my nose tells me when its all evaporated.i have litre bottles of 100%PG and 70-30 PG/VG and 50-50PG/VG, so i have tried a few…i have never tried dissolving noid straight into the pg/vg mix, i just got used to dissolving noid into iso-alcohol for making my blend.

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