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how many mg per ml of propylene

I need ratios for this cannabinoid. How many mg per gram of base and how many mg per ml of propylene,

There are no fixed numbers – you’ll need to figure out your desired dose of the active chem and the desired amount of plant matter you’d like to smoke to get that dose.
5F-MDMB-2201 is reported as being quite strong at 100ug so you could take this as your dose and add it to 500mg of your plant matter (0.2mg/g) – it’ll let you fine-tune your high rather than forcing you into borderline overdose territory the way potent commercial noid blends usually do.
how many mg per ml of propylene ,Depends how much liquid your plant matter will absorb.About 2mg/ml is good to start, if its in a box mod start closer to 1mg of you dont have a tolerance.You need a fair bit of this in juice but it dissolves well in PG. 0.5g in 30ml is very mellow with tolerance. No doubt it would floor you without.

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