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How to apply 5f-mdmb-2201 to paper?

Need Info applying 5f-mdmb-2201 to paper?
Someone told me that dissolve in either water or Ethyl alcohol and drop out of a syringe in a zigzag pattern up and down the paper. You can go line by line or just go crazy and then let it air dry!It say 10-15 grams per pound of papers or about 0.10 grams per sheet of paper.Use 100% cotton paper for starters. I was about to type out a rather complicated tek for you here, but I guess I need to know your application. I am something of a pro at this. A little background on me: I just got out of prison yesterday and all of our noids come in through the mail this was and I may or may not have facilitated some things.
Accurate scale

Pure acetone, preferably anhydrous (not nail polish remover!)

Glass cake pan larger than the sheet of paper

Mixing vessel

100% cotton fiber paper ex: Southworth brand


Weigh dry paper, note weight

Put single sheet of paper in glass pan

Totally saturate paper with acetone

Pick paper up and allow excess to drip off

Zero a container out on scale and put saturated paper in it and weigh it, record weight. This sheet is trash now!

Subtract dry weight of paper from wet weight, this will give you the weight of the amount of acetone you need to use, lets say the difference is 2g!

Put container on scale and zero, add acetone until 2g weight is achieve, not the volume of liquid if possible!

Determine what dose you want the sheet to be at, you can compare dry weight of sheet to amount of dry leaf that would normally be dosed!

Add correct amount of ‘noid to the acetone you weighed out, preferably while it’s in a hot water bath to aid dissolution, mix!

Evenly distribute ALL of the mix on the single sheet that is in the cake dish, it will spread to nearby dry fibers making it even.

Remove from cake pan and allow to dry.

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