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I would use a mod & RDA?

I saw that 5fmdmb2201 is 1g to 2oz leaf what would be the 4f adb equivalent ?My aligator has been testing 5fmdmb2201 from like 2 weeks now and I can say is way more strong then 4f adb and potent then 5 CL adb a, what do I mean by potent with 5cl however you make your blend the effects I get is extremly relaxed and after some time sleep, boom. With 5fmdmb2201 is other story, even is not so active like 5 CL when you get your dose the effects from this one are insane, I mean sometimes I have auditory hallucination, and now I have started to go down my dose cuz I was getting very very toleranced, and all I can say that the withdrawal is Loco Loco, lucky I am an old user that have been in this state many times and I know how to deal with it, because If I was at the start this shit will be very very scary. Please stay safe guys this shits differs from vendor to vendor.say for example someone had 1g of 5f mdmb 2201, how much acetone would they mix with that 1g? and if this solution was being sprayed onto normal A4 paper how many sheets could be covered whilst retaining a good level of strength? and would that be possible hypothetically… :|i know it sounds weird haha just curious on something someone told me.I recently received a gram of 5f-mdmb-2201 and holy shit am I impressed.I have not smoked weed in over 3 months now, so there was no tolerance.I made an ejuice with (hopefully, I def eyeballed it) 1mg/ml. All I did was put normal ejuice into glass ejucie bottle, the estimated 10mg of the substance in, then heated it with a lighter and shook it up.It was incredibly easy and gets me incredibly high, however, if you’re using a juul like me you have to take quite a few hits, I will probably double the strength.
Update: I changed the ratio to 2mg/ml, for my vape (an Epic by Jak, basically a juul) this is about perfect, about three to four good hits will get me soaring, and one hit isn’t too overpowering, but if you have a strong vape then it’s probably pretty strong.so you are using a mg scale and mixing 1mg/ml and thought it wasn’t quite strong enough so you want to go to 2mg/ml? sorry I just cant bring myself to take advice from someone eyeballing 10mg, I saw your comment about the scale so I thought I’d ask you to clarify.Pardon my ignorance, what is a breeze 2? Is it a small thing like a juul, or a full on mod & tank? I would imagine a mod & tank gives bigger hits than a little juul dealio so I think maybe mix lower if you have a small vape and I would use a mod & RDA? i put 1 g in 2 oz acetone in a quart mason jar. Added 1 oz of herb and shook the hell out of it. Its evenly mixed. A bit too strong. I small hit and your fried. I should have only used half a g to an oz. Dont spray it on. Very dangerous. Put it in a jar and shake it up.i got a 1g sample Of 5F-MDMB2201, that I thought was 5F-AKB48, turns out not AKB48. I have no experience with MDMB2201 and Have no clue about dosing… Like I said I thought i was getting the 5F-AKB48 & I have experience with that RC….Any info would be greatly appreciated!!The acetone I use on leaves is about 6-10ml and 2-3oz leaves. More acetone to help spray and more equals longer drying/evaporate time,For me it helps me a lot, I mean I did give up many times on noids because I wanted I break just to make my tolerance dissappear. Every time I have give up by not smoking at all the symptoms where very bad. But let me explain you how was I feeling 3 days ago I was like I am flying even when I have not smoke I have can’t feel my skin and I watch TV or you talk to me but I am not here my head is in another place. The dosage was very high I must recognize so I have started to cut 100mg every days from my blend now I have doubled my dosage and I am started to feel like a human being again and I will go by triple my dose and give up on 5fmdmb2201 forever then. After I will start another one this one I don’t like the after feelings from it.Soak and shake. For every oz of herb use 2oz or. Dissolve chem in acetone. Sump herb in and start shaking. Do it in a mason jar. After a couple minutes ill take a spoon and whip it a little bit. After you do that a few times pour it all out on a baking sheet our something with a fan on low to evaporate acetone. I keep mixing it every 10 minutes or so as it dries. Good even mix

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