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Is smoking out of soda cans equivalent to smoking cigarettes in terms of risks?

As the question states, what are the implications of soda pop cans as smoking tools? It’s fairly common for stoners I know to have used them at least once. I have found out a few years ago, however, that there is a BPA/plastic epoxy lining on the inside of cans (not to mention the paint as well). Therefore, I know it’s definitely not safe! Unfortunately, having been young smokers (Me and my smoking buddies) left us without a glass or rolling paper hookup. Anyways, how do you guys view a year of daily usage out of that garbage compared to say, having a “pack year” of cigarettes? Do you all think it would be on par? I am interested in hearing your guys’ replies, and/or any anecdotes you may have of when you’ll started smoking Weed! Thanks and as always, stay high ,

On the subject of general cleanliness – bong water. As we’re surely aware, this can get pretty nasty very quickly and probably the only benefit of using pure water in a bong is in order to easily see the gunk and tars that have collected in solution and would otherwise have been yoyoing up and down your bronchial tubes waiting to be coughed up and swallowed. There’s no good reason not to change the water daily. Water which has turned dark is likely to be less efficient in collecting any nasties and once it starts to look like rugby match bovril it really is time to sort it out. Take the top off, pour the dirty water away and fill with clean stuff from the tap. What on earth were you thinking, you sick little monkey, there’s fresh water piped into the building available from an outlet only three or four couch-lengths from where you’re sat grouching out in front of a screen. Come on. 

It shouldn’t need saying, but never drink the water. It tastes like effluent and unless you regularly suck herb through the bowl, there won’t be anything worth bothering with in there, although there may well be a cocktail of toxic chemicals which will have you locked in the bathroom purging from both ends of your alimentary canal all night and your sink is likely to be too far from the toilet for you to handle the runs and a barf-fest simultaneously. Another criminally unhealthy activity which I sadly have witnessed more than once is the collection and evaporation of filthy bong water in order to produce a crumbly brown substance sometimes referred to as ‘retread’. This looks and smokes like something retrieved from the lungs of a dead fisherman who’d been rolling his own since the age of five. Just no, stop it. Don’t do this, even if you’re marooned on a desert island with no one to see you, have lost all hope of rescue and with it your will to live, and have just smoked your last proper fill. It tastes horrible, it makes you cough all night and it’s close to inactive. I imagine.

There are more interesting liquids to put into bongs. Citrus peel works well, as long as it’s cut thinly and isn’t allowed to brew into anything mysterious. Mint leaves are nice as are a few menthol crystals dissolved in the water. A dash of dark rum adds an interesting kick and even filling a bong with wine works very well if you’re so inclined, although the addition of alcohol will make the liquid into a wider-spectrum solvent which will dissolve things it otherwise couldn’t. Still don’t drink it though, especially if you’re using tobacco. A dead mouse stapled onto a lolly stick makes an ideal cleaning brush for no only joking, a standard bottle-brush, or even just a length of wet rag, is more than capable of cleaning the inevitable gunk from most of the tubing and associated attachments and having everything clean is the best way to reduce the unhealthiness of what is obviously always going to be an unhealthy activity. Always tidy the room once there’s more than two pizza boxes under the sofa and don’t forget to have fun.

smoking isnt great no matter how you do it, doing off of something thats not clean is even worse, but its not gonna kill you unless you use like asbestos filter tips or burn plastic with it.

Better off just rolling up, getting some cheap glassware on ebay or buying/making one of these and sticking it in a GLASS cocacola (or beer) bottle.

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