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K2/Spice/Herbal Incense

K2/Spice/Herbal Incense – what is your journey with these artificial weeds and what is your opinion on them?
I have a few pals that received caught for smoking weed. They all received 1 12 months probation and all had to get tested. two of the three determined to smoke K2 whilst they had been on probation. One of them was once sensible adequate to recognize it used to be terrible for you, the different no longer so much.

It has now been two years and he is clearly addicted to it. He hacks up nasty fucking coloured shit, is continuously ailing looking, and has essentially turn out to be a K2 junkie. He used to be one of the smartest children I knew in High School, so it is now not simply some feeble, vulnerable minded youngster performing like he is hooked.

What experiences do you all have with it?

Do you recognize all and sundry that is addicted?
One of the blends that used to be going round Dallas earlier than they banned it used to be known as Pure Evil. It was once nothing like getting high. It used to be a very slight smoking pot, taking shrooms, and a dose of acid for about 5-10 minutes.

I’d been on it greater than a 12 months (now finished for 10 days w/ no wish to smoke it)

It used to be offered for a whilst in Portland however often I was once going over to the country of Washington to purchase it.

Been via two or three “bans” the place they chems get tweaked.

Its horrific stuff and I’ve given myself respiratory troubles (COPD) which takes a accurate 3-months or extra to begin healing.

It does appear to hit a good deal the identical receptors as weed due to the fact if you do enough, weed does very little.

I simply ask that you exhibit compassion to these who’ve gotten addicted as it is real. It can be VERY addicting.

I’m now not fascinated in getting again on pot (which I’ve usually no longer executed in the closing 1.5 years either.)

Also I’ve now not smoked cigarettes in sometime. Pretty a great deal simply the fake-pot.

I was once doing one referred to as “karma” additionally “dream-catcher” and earlier than that “ak-47” I do keep in mind “k2”

I was once doing stuff labeled “satchets” (‘do now not smoke’) and quickly some stuff that was once allegedly ONLY plant cloth (which did say “smoking mixture) however was once nonetheless nasty.

The different stuff used to be additionally labeled “potpourri” for a while.

Nothing right about the stuff.

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