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kronic juice and brain surgery

I had brain surgical treatment on december three due to the fact mri discovered out i had chiari malformation. when you consider that the surgical procedure i have been via 6 10ml bottles of Kronic/Blaze juice. must this be concerning?Noids are properly recognized to over time purpose intelligence damage.Since you bought some form of it, including somthing that will add onto it surely doesnt sound good.However I’m no longer a scientist so I wouldn’t recognize 100% but it sounds like things could go wrong.I hope that you get well soon tho, true luck.Theres about 100+ reports all throughout the web and I be aware of someone who used it in many instances and now has ordinary seizures. I cant say for sure if I have brain harm or no longer however before the use of noids I never had seizures but now it happened. As properly as serious headaches way too frequently, and other weird shit.So that makes it highly clear to me that it is very neurotoxic. I been off it nearly a month or so. Idek.Most of us can affirm that we are no longer the same after lengthy time period utilization of cannabinoids. I desire this wasn’t the case. Hard to see any problems when you are using and riding the wave of these 10 min highs.You are not going to find that partner. Not tons is regarded of the long term consequences of noid use, however what we do be aware of or hear is now not good. And I’m a former noidhead, do not team me with that shit. Hear to provide advice for humans struggling and damage reduction. just letting you comprehend my brother simply had a seizure from kronic juice about an hour ago. Fell over smacked his head on the wall and commenced convulsing. His eyes had been open and pupils so dilated you could not see the coloration in his eyes. We threw the stuff out and started out doing research. Just spreading the word that this shit is truely dangerous…I almost known as 911….thought he was once demise right in front of me he was out for 10 atleast minutes.I dropped out of tech college because of my want to dose each and every 15 minutes. Just give up and don’t seem to be back. You’ll thank your self later.

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