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My first noid blend

if you’re submerging 20 grams of plant matter, you should have way more than enough IPA or Acetone.

No idea on accurate solubility off the top of my head, only know ethanol is supposed to be ~2mg/ml. 

Acetone should be best, provided it’s not got any oils or adulterants, check the MSDS from wherever you got it.

This is my first time making a blend. I have always smoked the premade ones but i must admit that it seems like a much better 
deal to make the stuff myself as people have told me. I just did not think i could pull it off, but after some research and some
shopping i am ready to go. 

I am intending to make 21 grams of blend with 10 grams of damiana herbs and 10 grams of organic hemp tea and 1 gram of Ab-fubinaca.
I will dissolve the chemical in either isopropyl alcohol or acetone and then stir it good in a little glass bowl i have. I will let it 
sit for a while and stir angain and repeat that some times. When the mixture is just a big clump of wet herbs with no excess liquid i
will place it on a glass plate like the ones for lasagne just a small one and let it sit until its dry.

I will start tommorow with the experiment and post further. First i have a question i hoped to get answered and if someone has some
thoughts to what i could do differently or if i have misunderstood something in my researching. I will post pictures of the procedure
either tommorow or some days after.

Well my question is what is best for dissolving the Ab-fubinaca, isopropyl alcohol or acetone. Or what is your preffered solvent of
the two for noid blends? Had some THJ-018 blend recently and that was 20:1 ration with Mallow and plenty strong enough. If what i have read about AB-FUBINACA is correct would think 20:1 will be rocket fuel, all depends on your tolerance but was refreshingly surprised by THJ. Most authentic synthetic noid by a long way and a world away from the madness that is 5F-AKB48. Didn’t notice i had to up the dose much either, most of the others i have tried tolerance shoots up quickly. No idea about the solvent but think Renton would have pointed it out to you if your choices weren’t feasible.

Well, it’s certainly going to make them less worried about it.

The real problem you have is that this is going to be pretty much your entire client base in one month’s time and there’s probably not enough of you. Is there enough librium for the current approach?

The most recent cannabinoid to show up in blends is 5F-MDMB-PINACA, which is extremely potent. I talk about this in a reply to someone who was using 3g a day. How potent is that? Well, using the most conservative estimates I could, the ratio I ended up with was about 1:350. i.e. 1 gram of the most potent blends currently around is equivalent to at least 350g of high quality cannabis. Yes, that is ridiculous. Even someone using a gram a fortnight is still getting through the equivalent of an eighth per day and suddenly withdrawing from that is going to be unpleasant at best.

Out of interest, what plans do you have in place for when the blanket ban puts everyone who’s been using these substances in this way into withdrawal? the only leaf iv ever used is marshmallow , ratios about 1.10 used most the popular cannabinoids over the years best been am-2201 and ur-144 but that was a long time ago.. last blend i made used half and half 5-akb-48 & ab-fubinaca at 1.10 over 28g find i have high tolerance from constant smoking of shop blends…  let me know how you get on if you make it i’ll wack up pics of my next blend in december 😉 what leaf you use? considering a mix i think thats what some of the shop blends do not sure

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