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Never smoke Spice

Never smoke Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) it is not worth it. My story of spice addiction.So my spice experience started when I was 12 years old (2009/2010). Me and my dad smoked weed together and one day he came home and told me to try something called “Scooby Snacks” with him. So following his lead, I proceed to smoke around half of a 1g joint with him. I dont remember too much about the first time I experimented with it, but I do remember that it was terrifying, but with my dads guidance, I decided that it was safe and okay to continue smoking and I would just “Get used to it”. So, after about a year of smoking it with him (Some bad trips, some good) I was 13, and He came home and told me he had some really good spice and that I should try it. So we proceed to smoke about a half gram, and as soon as we put the joint out, my dad left me at home alone. I had a MAJOR meltdown and was convinced my lamp was a demon, about to kill me, so I hit my lamp with a couple of elbows and blacked out. I woke up in the floor of our living room, with my elbows and arms completely cut open and covered in blood, and had apparently been screaming for help for around a hour (According to the neighbors whose house my father was at) and it was at that point I decided to stop.I did not realize the risks at that time, but when I was 15 years old, I decided to pick the habit back up and go back to smoking spice for the next 2 years. I had various experiences again, some good and some bad, but then I got a bad batch. Me and three friends of mine all took 2 hits off of a blunt out of a batch called “Joker” we had all used it before, so we were keeping ourselves calm and trying to ride the very strange trip out. After about 3 or 4 minutes, one of my friends began puking a red substance, and shaking violently. It scared us, so we loaded up in our truck (Still very high) and decided to attempt to drive 30 miles to the closest hospital. About half way to the hospital, she started to come back and insisted she was fine. This was the HUGE wakeup call that I needed to stop using this stuff. I gave it up when I was 17, and have been lucky to not have any lasting effects from it, other than occasional dissociation, and strange thoughts.My father on the other hand, was not as lucky. When I was 18, he finally stopped smoking spice, and around 2 days after, he had a complete breakdown and smashed up our house with a baseball bat, smashed our glass door, and went to attack the neighbors with the baseball bat.after the police arrested him, they diagnosed him with Schizophrenia and extreme Bipolar Disorder. Before spice, he had none of these symptoms.I am 21 now, and have not touched it since 17. I’m VERY lucky to have no lasting effects due to the frequency and length of my usage. I beg everyone, if you are EVER offered spice, please say no. It is NOT worth it, at all.Until I was older, I always thought it was cool that he was letting me get fucked up at that age. But I’m SO lucky I’m not fried from it. My first DXM Trip was influenced by him aswell because LSD was “too much” at my age (Around age 14). So he recommended eating like 25 cold cough and congestion pills. I’m BLESSED to be alive and functioning.He, on the other hand, is on seroquel and valium mixed with excessive alchohol right now and isnt the same person at all. He is always on a quest to find K2 aswell, but cant because he has no lisence due to being clinically insane. Perception is a hell of a thing.I was slipped a tonne of PCP or some related dissociative on a gram of weed when I was 15, it was absolutely bonkers and fit the description of a PCP overdose (The kind that just causes a terrifying death trip where you’re scared shitless and nothing makes sense for 6 hours and you’re fading into black and popping out over and over again). Others that have had a DXM overdose say they had the same effects, basically dying over and over again and every time I came back there was more 3D geometry and tiled patterns floating around, sky a different shade of purple, me a different height either 100ft tall or 2mm tall, every distance I had to walk became infinity to my perception, even 1 foot would be looked at like it would take an eternity to get there because my vision was like 3 frames per second and nothing would get closer as I walked until it just suddenly popped up as closer. I also heard myself catch up to myself and step into myself every time I stopped walking, it was beyond a trip! Beeping and bleeping blaring in my ears the whole time, it was totally unexpected but probably still wasn’t as bad as spice because I was back-in-action 2 weeks later, just weed made me sink into that death hole thing for the next 4 or 5 years every time I had it until I broke through the old brain patterns from my trip at 15 through extremely heavy smoking/dabbing. Ended up tripping an unbelievable amount of times with big doses on my own knowing that I handled that horrible death trip at 15 without even telling my parents about it, haven’t experienced anything even close to the level of a PCP overdose even with 4 tabs of acid or 10g of mushrooms (Although the mushrooms were deeply profound in totally different significant ways that I wont get into here), PCP is serious.

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