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people smoke spice in the Netherlands

do people smoke spice in the Netherlands?
That topic sounds. Given that there are slightly different laws regarding cannabis in, for example, the Netherlands in comparison with Sweden, I wonder:

  • Do people smoke spice in the Netherlands? If so, how big is the market?
    what I suppose it should be non-existent but yes, would like to double check! Holland is one of the central countries in Europe in the spice market, it is widely distributed from there. It is also the head shop’s engaged land and it is sold everywhere. Nevertheless, doctors say they have no problem with noids. Could not find any statistics so I do not know if that is true.
    One can imagine that they have become so used to cannabis over the years that they can handle synthetic cannabinoids responsibly.
    In the UK, you have no problem with the police if you handle your marijuana smoking nicely, but despite that, huge amounts of spice are smoked there and kids are crunching just like here at home.
    What then distinguishes the UK from the Netherlands? What is different is that you can go to that cafe to grab a goose in the Netherlands while in the UK just like in Sweden you have to go to a longer one. spice can then easily be ordered home online without the risk of going there, or to piss positively or to have problems with police, dots in the register, etc.
    I know that Holland is distributing spice, but the question is if anyone smokes the shit himself, strange. Have never ever encountered spice in Holland, nor encountered it at any smart shop. There are simply better and healthier options there if you want to get drunk, as well as better information, so why the hell would anyone want spice when you can go to a coffee shop and buy something nice to smoke instead? Or to a smart shop and buy a peyote / psilocybin truffle with knowledgeable staff and good guidance. Spice may then be extremely rare in Holland, since I have never encountered it after 100’s of different smart shops and coffee shop visits, You are quite wrong, if you should go for the Swedish customs description where they consider that Sweden is almost self-sufficient when it applies to grass. Basically, all grass that is puffed in Sweden is grown in Sweden, different with hash however. Will try not to do it again, but I get so badly pissed at all cannabis-savvy who should go in and destroy all the threads about other drugs by propagating their smoke, so I sometimes can’t help teasing

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