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Questions about synthetic cannabinoids

A little statistics exists on noids as a whole, and there may be so many questions I have/I’m positive you have about them I want answered. Does anybody comprehend the answers to the following questions:
Are there any different ROA than smoking? Also, extra particularly can I get high from touching the powders before a mix is prepared?
What’s a appropriate service plant for making smoking mixes?Is there a region that exists the place more statistics on them is present, rather than just the dangers and warnings?
Are there any combos of noids and different psychoactives to keep away from health wise?Does all and sundry understand the solubility for APICA (SDB-001), as in what does it mix into properly and in what ratios? I have ~a gram and would like to do it all at once if feasible so I do not have this horrible pastey-powder getting everywhere on every occasion I try to do some thing with it.
Absolutely. I’m sure there’s lots of great ones and combos nevertheless available/possible, but the ultimate few instances have now not been top experiences. Both with natural blends and powder. Shame really. From what I have heard, cannabinoids might have widespread therapeutic doable of all kinds as well.I’ve taken extra of an activity in them due to the fact I suppose their full agonist results may be more advantageous for nerve ache and fibromyalgia than everyday hashish plus I’ve heard some of them are extra selective in their motion and don’t seem to be as anxiety inducing as normal hashish as well.I put a lot of time lookup and my personal expertise from the subject collectively and put together the satisfactory information I could for precisely that reason, because even given their recognition for some reason information on noids can be very tough to come by. I’m simply so glad that I had a backup I concept for positive it was once gone!I developed that wish when I used to be 16 and started out thinking how capsules did what they did in the body. I genuinely desire I knew what I comprehend now about a range of materials due to the fact I would have been in a position to have tried all of the extremely good RCs that are now extra or much less extinct now, but unluckily I knew nothing about them so I surpassed them up.I realise there are a couple of brand/blend names in the guide, but they are all extinct at this point so I don’t think its hurting anything, but if I need to edit the information let me comprehend and I will.I added a few techniques for making the natural blends themselves, a rapid c liquid making technique and added a couple of c liquid recipes for reference, subsequent going to add more mixing ratios for herb and some for c liquid.how to make the C-liquid due to the fact it can also be applied to making pg solutions for the volumetric dosing of benzodiazepine powder. Although I’m not sure if the vg is needed.I would possibly simply do pg from what I can recall humans generally just use pg considering the fact that it’s for oral lookup so vg is not genuinely necessary. You may want to additionally use the c liquid tek for things like hexen, pyros, dissos, dpt, dmt, 5-meo-mipt ect.I cannot get sgt-25 to continue to be combined in pg or peg400 mixes and for a few hours to a day stays mixed but then crystals precipitate out the liquid and when I add reg juice you can see it floating :/ please assist I do not recognize what to do and don’t choose to waste more money on Kronic juice.sat in a warm bathtub for an hour stayed mixed for like 16 hours then all noid settled to bottom of pure pg mixture tried once more for a few hours in warm bathtub nothing, tried peg 400 and labored higher but tasted so bad. Thinking I need a noid active in the ug or 1mg range.I looked into it a bit most reports have it listed as delicate and not worth it however I have heard in any other case so I’m not positive what to think, in the interim the info I’ve determined says it need to be capable 1/4 the potency of ab-fub and to start at 250ug but a common dose be 0.5mg. Either way start gradual and be careful, when I have done some more research I’ll add it to the guide.Kind of the motive I’ve solely been sitting on mine. That and I don’t like the thought of ruining my weed tolerance. I at first offered thj-018 for it is low potency and relative security however failed making c-liquid for it because it didn’t dissolve potent enough. Somehow the fub-pb-22 never bought used and Never have confidence your memory turns out I did use the fub-pb-22 albiet unsuccessful with that c-liquid as well.For sure, and I used noids each day for a few years like 5 years in the past or so and in reality my weed tolerance is like always long gone I can get a quality buzz going on occasion but this is about ut, and I commonly get about a 1/2 hour tops out of my bud highs, mind you strictly scientific buds and I have not smoked noids different then an atypical VERY few times I have over the final few years, now not that I would not however so a long way I’ve decided towards it as for me noid use would not give up till I give up up with nothing .It’s round somewhat however I’m not sure it is very exact given the information I’ve observed but I’m incredibly positive I have some different reports the place it’s praised so I’m not certain what to think, do document back if you figure out to research. Also one that is extra often around is fdu-pb-22 however I’ve heard this is no longer a very suitable both :(. But I’ve heard brilliant things about 5f-pb-22 and pb-22 which makes me feel like fub-pb-22 have to have at least been first rate but I comprehend jack about chemistry so actually it’s simply basing on my noid information but it may additionally have just took place that fub-pb-22 isn’t always very good. It’s simply extraordinary due to the fact fub-amb, fub-aeb, fub-akb48 were all pretty respectable noids. Mdmb-fub and adb-fub are truely active and exceedingly potent, some human beings love them however many human beings record unsafe feelings akin to overdoses on noids that are demonstrated to kill so I would be cautious with either of those, equal with adb-chminaca, mdmb-chminaca, 5f-adb and at least a few others for sure, I imply you can without problems overdose on basically any noid and I’m positive any noid may want to POSSIBLY cease in a deadly overdose, many have been tested too.Fab ought to be like 3.5-6.5 mg for ml depending on tolerance, sbd probable like 5-10mg per ml, you may have to strive ratios yourself, start weaker make greater if needed. I have some different humans I have to get again to on here with some data and I will guys I promise just quite swamped with the new job and the entirety going on. And hell yeah man I simply decided one day I used to be ailing of having to seem to be all over the net to locate what I needed so I just commenced compiling all of the information I ought to discover plus all my non-public understanding and collectively we all obtained some thing extraordinary going, I have def been which means to refine it and add extra too it just have not been gorgeous active lately. I recognize a lot more about natural mixing then I do making e juice I simply introduced e juice publications and recommendations from pals and fellow researchers. I’ve heard 2 methods, one being to zap the noid juice bottle in the microwave for a few seconds at a time and then shake it for a bit, and repeat. Otherwise I heard you can get a bowl full of warm/hot water and bathtub the bottle of noid juice in it and shake. Besides that only factor I can assume to add is make positive you crush up the powder/crystals as satisfactory as you can before adding them to pg, don’t mix with vg at all till entirely dissolved, and make sure your using a pure uncut product, you’d be suprised how often products get cut so anyone can make a little extra cash, unhappy but true, considering majority of rcs especially noids are bought in bulk for like 50 cents up to about 2 greenbacks a gram max. It’s no longer that unreasonable to find noids or some thing like hexen at 1000 or less a kg.

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