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Questions about Synthetic cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabinoids: the good, bad and ugly, tell us about your experience and Why do you smoke synthetic cannabinoids?

Researchers from the Public Health Institute at Liverpool John Moores University invite you to participate in a survey about your experiences of use of new psychoactive substances (NPS or ‘legal high’).

We are running a survey, on the use of synthetic cannabinoids (e.g. herbal smoking mixtures such as ‘Spice’, ‘Mamba’, or compounds such as 5F-AKB-48, AKB-48)

The purpose of the study is to survey use, subjective effects and perceived risks of synthetic cannabinoids. The survey will help identify the side effects of NPS, patterns of use, doses used, duration of effects, and settings and social context of use.

The survey includes questions about NPS effects, subjective experience, risk, settings of use, patterns of use, doses and duration of effects and opinions on the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.
I am what you call a Psychonaut i always experiment with drugs.i have only been smoking herbals for like so many months cant remember i have had bad experianc once never again.
But i still smoke it once in while for Meditatative purposes and explore my mind and love it
I beleve it depends on what kind of person you are .. nine times outof ten when the leagal gets banned it not as the media says oh load of death
on this spice most people i talk to say that their friends pass it to them to try with out tellling them what they smoking so why blame plants with cananbinoid in it when people should be more responsible.
why dont they get tester who would try it and then they would have information
i smoke it cause it helps me with life and enhances what we already have inside our selves i will always be a acid shaman , or what ever just as i explore my mind
i have learnt more about my self through experimenting and i find you have to have a strong mind
At least one person has to pass drug tests and some like them; some can be strong disso-psychedelics from what I hear. I used to wake and bake superheavy 24/7 and several times nearly tried CRA’s out of desperation when there was a drought. Some seems to be economic, availability and curiosity but this isn’t my area tbh,As i started with Synth Noids, they were much more pleasant. That was the time when JWH-081, JWH-122 and JWH-210 were the commonly spread ones (at least here in Germany). They were pretty nice, like Weed but much much stronger. But also they had theire side effects.. The newer ones (since 2012) are way more dangerous and not as good as the old ones..

But back to your Question: I smoke em as a stronger, more psychedelic Alternative to Weed, sometimes i even mix them with Weed. I´m just a huge Fan of the Effects given by Cannabinoids and Cannabimimetics.
All of what Xoch said. Legality, ease of supply, monetary economy, consistent quality, new one’s arriving regularly, ease of introducing into public situations in vaporisers secretly.

But in Amsterdam all those things would apply to weed and that’s what I’d choose there.I started a bit earlier though in 2007 if I remember correctly with JWH-018 / 074. I actually prefer the effects of JWH-018 more than weed even to this day. But there is not much left of that now and as said the newer ‘noids are not as great as they once were.

Weed unfortunately feels kind of weak these days after smoking MMB-Chminaca and the likes. Now all cannabinoids are illegal and it’s easier to get weed though I still want that strong effect from cannabinoids that I really don’t get out of weed anymore. It’s annoying to be honest. If you have not smoked synthetics just stick to weed and you will be happy with it for a long time.
The problem with SCRAs is that some people use them like they’re cannabis and the head-shops are more than happy to provide. But while cannabis has a 5000 year history of use and an extremely good safety record, SCRAs have been in wide circulation for about seven to eight years and are connected with a handful of fatalities and a much larger number of hospitalisations. Treating one like the other and using it with the same frequency is asking for troule. Compared to more limited use, it’s like the difference between drinking a couple of beers every other weekend and downing a bottle of vodka every day – there’s some risk associated with limited use, but extended, frequent use with escalating doses because of tolerance is far more likely to be problematic.

SCRAs are interesting drugs in their own right. At higher doses and slower-absorbing routes, some have a unique psychedelic/dissociative effect which can be alarming if you’ve got there by overdosing instead of intent. There’s a huge number of SCRAs – I use a spreadsheet to keep track, which is currently 120 rows long. The sheer potency of the most potent ‘noids is astonishing, with the most potent having threshold doses down in the low microgram range. I use them occasionally, almost always by making C-liquids and vaping (why breathe in burning plant matter if you don’t have to?) and my doses stay low because I don’t use frequently enough to develop tolerance to the effects. Why? Because they’re interesting.

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