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Safest Noid?

FAB-144 and NM-2201 are the solely mild noids I’ve viewed available right now that I would fuck with. The relaxation are ultra potent, bodily addictive and dangerous.And if you are truely looking for the most secure you can additionally get PY (active in grams), 5C-AKB-48, 5F-MN-24, MPHP2201, 5C-APB, AKB-57, EG-018, BB-22, FUB-AKB48. Some of them are nearly inactive like PY, BB-22 or EG-018. I saw AKB48CH somwhere and I suppose it is much less energetic too. Some of them are less famous so one would have to look. Add those to the list you have above and we have:PY, 5C-AKB-48, 5F-MN-24, MPHP2201, 5C-APB, AKB-57, EG-018, BB-22, FUB-AKB48, AKB48CH, THJ-018, MN-24, SGT-25, FAB-144 and NM-2201. I can strive and categorise them from the strongest to the mildest based on the reviews or scientific data.From my personal experiance. Then 5C-AKB-48 is noticeably mild. In phrases of each effects and potency.I kinda appreciated that one. dont bear in mind how tons of it i smoked, however it used to be decent.Maybe a gram of powder or some thing for the duration of the course of like couple of weeks, mby a month.The outcomes themself where notably pleasant, and i did not get that “OH shit im dying” type of feeling ppl get when like smoking to a whole lot of the contemporary noids like “4F-ADB” and all these different brilliant effective ones dosed in Micro gram range.I would solely advise 5C-AKB48, THJ-018.THJ alternatively was once surprisingly rattling weak for my taste. Its much less amazing than JWH. So if the character favor a bang for the buck, then go for 5C-AKB48, And now not THJ-018.Last noid i did strive out used to be this 4f-adb, havent truly had any terrible experiance with it as im going forth very lightly in terms of increasing the doses. I only took like 1 small hit, and waited like 2-5mins Before taking any more. But its effective as hell lol. Like it gives effects with the measurement of a grain of salt.Be very carefull with 4F-ADB ppl.On a exceptional note: Is there any info regarding the dosing vary of EG-018 specifically? I take place to have sold that in a spree, can not locate any solid info on it and now (having no journey with noids whatsoever) am very cautious of what to do with it.Not certain about the dosage however it’s very weak. You can begin rather high, likely with 10mg. Oral bioavability might play a role too. I advocate you searching at special boards to discover a dosage (Swedish Flashback, German Eve & Rave, Polish Hyperreal, Dopek and Dopalamy, Bluelight etc.; I be aware of I saw a thread for it in hyperreal and the consumer said that a “very high dose” produced very mild indica effect, I can ask him what he intended by means of a very excessive dose).
I would not advise any noids to any one anymore. The entire family is suspect.

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