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SCs and pregnancy?

   I have been thinking for a while now and googled and searched a little everywhere but found nothing, I have smoked the so-called ‘spice’ for about a year now but am thinking of putting down because (in my opinion) you get very tired and do not see so worst fresh out if you smoke it constantly for too long. Have smoked both green and brown during this period too but feel that it does not wear as much on the body.
BUT back to the topic, I now wonder if spice can affect me as a woman so that in the future I cannot have children or that the child gets various malformations etc? And now I mean that and I would get pregnant in the future but do NOT smoke spice during pregnancy.
Grateful for the answer. Wrong forum choice, but do not smoke spice when pregnant. I would not take the shit with tongs even though I am man and fully healthy. Have no idea what it is for scary synthetic stuff in it. When the kid is born, smoke marijuana instead. When you are pregnant, you should not smoke at all. Smoke mixes and cannabis would fit this thread well.
Spice is a variety that is not legal in Sweden now but has been on the market in many countries for quite some time now. So that kind maybe they know more about.
When you write spice, do you mean the type of spice or use it as a collective name that many people nowadays do.
(skunk was also just a real cannabis variety that people now use as the collective name for strong grass), Is this a joke?
Over 20+ have died after smoking the new cannabinoids recently.Yes you can definitely pamper your fertility permanently, you can’t say there is no research on the long term side effects of smoking synthetic cannabis.Now it was so that I asked if it would affect the baby if I did NOT smoke during pregnancy. I wonder if there is a risk that something would happen if I quit smoking now and get pregnant in maybe 5 years? don’t believe it myself but would like some more opinions, I have a hard time believing this.
There is an incredible difference between different synthetic cannabinoids and we will be able to help you with a better answer. just be Spice. Rather a smoke mix, not me who mixes the spice but know the ones who do it so it’s no good in that way. but i know i have smoked by AB-FUBINACA, bb-22, phj-018 then there are surely more that I do not know, usually do not ask every time I bought what powder it is made on.hahah almost knew this would be so . but what I posted about three kids is a school assignment that I wanted some help with so you can be calm. I am only 17 years old, I think you should be more afraid of yourself and find out the facts before you smoke them. Go into the forum Smoke mixes and cannabis and read about where others get for side effects before choosing a variety. This is the only thing we have to go on because they make different varieties illegal all the time, so the varieties we get to sell in Sweden have not been tested for any longer period.But it is important to do this, Those who mix different synthetic cannabis are the ones heart palpitations and other bad effects.

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