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SGT-25 (Original C-Liquid) rare information

The NZ guys who supplied the C-Liquid and have the patent on SGT-25 said it’s a liquid at room temperature, but in recent months I’ve started to doubt that. I think it was just marketing speil.

The lowest melting point in a common cannabinoid is 5F-AKB48, at about 60C – even that is triple the melting point of what would melt at room temperature and most cannabinoids are in the 100C+ zone, e.g. MDMB 132C, AB-FUB 165C etc.

No idea about this particular e-liquid, but it is true that some e-liquids sold as ‘CBD’ actually contain synthetic cannabinoids including SGT-25 and related compounds. In general CBD-only products shouldn’t feel like getting high (a mild anxiolytic effect is sometimes reported) and shouldn’t have significant withdrawal symptoms.

If it feels like a synthetic cannabinoid, then it probably is.

I think they fed us bollocks to discourage us from using other cannabinoids to make our own c-liquids at a fraction of the price, which users caught onto and vendors eventually did with 5F-MDMB-PINACA!

But in reality it would be too potent to really stock as a powder chemical. However if it could ever be sourced I’d have to have some purely for the rarity.

“rare” lol, just speculation.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to exist in a solid state, but so far no one seems to have found out how.

Your word alone isn’t enough.

Also, SGT-25 was never actually sold by its inventors, so “marketing spell “is unlikely to be the case here.

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