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Smoke Mix

Smoke Mix: Choosing Smoke Mix / Which Smoke Mix Is Best?
Wondering which smoke mix is ​​best for panic anxiety. Have smoked cannabis around 8-9 times but have not known it so very much. The first time I smoked cb I got an ON attack. Would like to smoke cannabis more times, but unfortunately I can’t get anything ((So that’s why I test some good smoke mix. Would prefer to have some smoke mix that does not cause an ON attack, but still get high as hell anyway) Sounds like if you should not smoke cannabis at all, especially not because you are not used to and probably you think of the ON when you smoke and it is probably not a good combination no matter what “mix” or variety you smoke. smoking something really strong and you get ON then they will probably be BS next, Jomen it is probably quite long since I have been in therapy for several months, so I have learned how to deal with my panic anxiety. pall it without getting one on attack.
But I have heard that there is a greater risk of getting spice ON etc. But which of the smoke mixers is the lightest and strongest if you understand what I mean. ^^ ‘
For example, when the heart beats so damn fast. Then the risk is much greater for me to get an ON attack. You ask for it: Advice – continue in the therapy and stop messing with drugs. Most drugs increase the tendency for panic anxiety.
It is difficult to live life with panic anxiety but together with drugs it can become unbearable
So call your therapist and keep fighting, Hard to answer your question because everyone reacts a little differently to smoke mixes! I think Yucatan Fire suits you well, very clean drink compared to other smoke mixes. Maybe even Ex-Ses and Mojo in LOW doses can work well too. Just be careful so you don’t accidentally take too much that can lead to heart palpitations and other troublesome, probably think your heart rate will rise whatever smoke mix you smoke, buy some popular if you want to have an effect. That the pulse rises slightly is not dangerous, nor is an ON attack dangerous.

You will probably get an ON again if you have it easy, otherwise just test smoking and have in your head that a little higher heart rate is not dangerous for you, do not fight the intoxication in any way, everything is in your head, Then I think Spice feels more physically than Smoke. Presses in skull bla. But then the best medicine for ON is to be prepared for it to feel as if the heart is going to jump out of the chest and as if the head is paralyzed.: P
Is very happy himself and so on ON. The first intoxication was unpleasant, but after getting used to knowing a little bit of anything, I started to enjoy the intoxication instead, The smoke mixes I have smoked have been more in the trip than “laidback” as cannabis is so to say that smoke mix is ​​more intense for me.

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