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Smoked in mix against smoking clean

Synthetic Cannabinoids – Smoked in mix against smoking clean
In principle, I only have experience of smoking these substances in its pure powder form.
Smoked or vaporized from on top of foil or incandescent smoke device.
Have smoked some spice mixes on 3-4 occasions in the pipe and joint but there are so few times, small doses and that I did not know which / which cannabinoid was in.
What difference is there to smoking these cannabinoids in pure powder / smoke mixture Stop smoking that shit instead.
If you are going to smoke now, smoke real things instead.
While I partly agree with you, there are certain situations that make me unable to smoke Cannabis as it shows up on drug samples and in recent years have started bothering me about drug samples.
Besides, to be completely honest I find some synthetic cannabinoids more beautiful and more euphoric than regular cannabis. Since it is probably harmful in the long run, it is a choice I choose to make.
So the question remains, what do you prefer – smoking pure powder or making a mix with crunches / damiana / the?
Especially notices that you want to smoke one to a few drops in a period that the rusting time is not in the long run on pure powder. Although it goes so fast and does not taste terrible, Haha do you realize that you are a drug addict? So pounding for real, you are willing to test some form of weird half untested drug, smart guy here! Bad: So if you smoke pure powder you should risk overdose and possibly death, depending on what kind it is. Substance abuse, it should be absolutely terrifying and probably there is a risk of triggering a psychosis? I hadn’t done any of those alternatives.
If I had been forced into one of these alternatives, I would have chosen some grains with pre-mixed, but I have no tolerance now. Had I had it then I would have preferred the mix anyway. Pure powder, always. Don’t really understand the point of smoking lots of twigs and other bumps that always taste monkey anyway instead of just smoking ~ 5mg powder which is extremely simple, a flush then it is clear. Easy to then increase the dose without having to smoke lots more material as well. Do not like smoking at all as long as there is no blunts with real cannabis in it, it tastes good and then you can enjoy the smoking experience. Otherwise it is just a disturbing method to get the drug in. Agree, but at the same time the tolerance tends to increase faster when you smoke purely as it becomes so very easy to smoke frequently and much, so there are benefits to intentionally make it weaker.

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