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Smoking art for 6 months

Then it was time for my ignition of smoking art for 6 months …
Thinking to create a little thread about my ignition on spice, have now smoked it constantly for about 6 months, ranging from 1g to 20g per day!
Started smoking AKB 48f and then when it became illegal for a short time then I started with ab-fubinaca ..
The dosage on my spice has been from 3-5g per 100gram smoke mix.
I will start this completely on New Year’s Day. January 1st, a new start! Let’s see how this thread gets! will at least start with no tools if it will be needed I buy home some weed!
So good news on your FBs and we will see you on January 1st with the first post. Do not waste on weed, you still learn to be immune. What may be needed is something to sleep on because if you have been driving hard for half a year it will not be possible to sleep on the right many days. Do not want to take any other drugs that can get me into a bigger addiction. A good price. Can I announce today I wake up by the fact that the whole bed is completely wet as was I, just as if I had just left the shower! However, this often happens, almost every night since I started at fubinaca.
Well now it is time for me to munch a little, have about a 5 spice left and some buds ak47 who are ready to smoke if needed. If you are cod on nodes, you might as well smoke industrial hemp, you will learn to be immune … When I say sleep deprivation I mean that you take medical doses the first week, if necessary. I was awake many days when I switched off, it is dangerous, Have no experience of this (yet), have not smoked so much, think it is scary … but I wish you good luck! Usually use me of ketamine or some other NMDA receptor antagonist to lower tolerance and then step off easier. You are a heavy drug addict who goes off spice. Not at all like turning off heroin. Dearest drug romantics, think you will sweat a few nights with poor sleep. Heavy. Have been on the same journey Have not smoked since Sunday and have just started to eat again Sweats at night are largely unchanged since the first night but the anxiety and anxiety in the body has completely gone, Make another try tomorrow. have been there before so I know what to expect.
Sweating can last a little over the month. but now after about 2 weeks the body should wake up a little and you should start to feel better. I have prepared for this landing (about 1.5-2 years of use) with a little benzo for the worst nights in the beginning, A few days it is a hell, but after a week it starts to fall. For me it took about five days before I started to feel an improvement, fixed sleep problems and sweating at sleep I still have after two months. However, I switched off from central stimulants and benzodiazepines at the same time as I did from the cannabinoids. Mainly used AB-FUNINACA and 5F-AKB48 but also a considerable amount of AB-PINACA and 5F-PB22 as a whole. Several other cannabinoids have also been smoked quite well, but these I mention here and in particular the two first ones I consumed almost a hectare of total together with ration 1/25 grams. All in all, I have smoked one and a half hectares in a year, all things considered if all variants are counted. Hope that you are going well to break your use, Asså to me was the 3-4 first day worst with peak on the second day. But I had only smoked 3-4 months but they around the clock wish you luck,This is a terrible experience, share it with everyone, please do not imitate, take caution

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