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Smoking Scrap from Cannabis?

 I have a metal pipe I just smoked wannabis in, clean and without tobacco. It was completely rebutted so I ran the dishwasher detergent after I scraped off the one I was getting. Then I noticed a carbon black, disgusting garment that looked like crude oil. has anyone smoked this, and does it work? Asbra scraped my bong cup and stirred for 6g wannbis. Got as good as the original.
Dry it under a light bulb (Mix with more tobacco if it is not possible to smoke just the scrape). Taste the FAN and sometimes sting a little in the throat sometimes, but there is no danger, Scrap from smoke mixes works, but I would not recommend it. Have myself smoked scrap of both cb and smoke mixes and now I now cough up mucus with small black tough mucus parts in. Do not know if it is from the tobacco I smoked before or scraped, but useful can not the scrap be iaf.sind they are there with machine dishwashing detergent,: /, always clean your pipe with chemically pure acetone (the red bottle) that is on ica / home purchase etc. ..
then they just have to tip the acetone out on a numerous let the acetone evaporate o then mix it with tobacco o smoke, works very well, sometimes scraping on legal works better than they did when they came in the bag.Why would the dishwasher be worse than acetone ? Acetone, I think, is mostly around the shit, but of course, if you want smokable scrap, the dishwasher is not suitable. But machine detergent does not harm your tools any more than acetone anyway, and acetone leaves a certain bit of taste, besides that of unemployment, desperation and a fear of the unease that it would mean to face the world untroubled, the acetone I suggested then cannot leave any taste , when it is chemically pure and has a purity of 99.99, it becomes relatively difficult,
as yes said, then you can smoke it, so you do not have to waste the scrap, because what the hell this thread was about? to smoke scrap? I can’t imagine that they should be so good o smoke machine dishwashing detergent, Scrap from the smoke mix works great. Smoked myself scraped yesterday from about 3g wannabis and 5g hash. It hit fine. Was the best scrap I smoked. Would have been able to sell the lump like a nice Afghan hash, I always take care of my scrap. After all, as a hash oil, is much more concentrated and potent than what the original smoked was, Usually remove the tube from the bong. Screws off the cup and has tobacco in the metal tube. Then I fire on the pipe so the scrap becomes messy and follow the tobacco when you squeeze it with something (steel wire for example) Then I scrape all other smoking tools on more nutrients and mix everything into a dough. Which I then split into as small pieces as possible so they dry faster. I was inspired by this thread and realized that I never cleaned my bong tube.
So I scraped out a lot of black bait and smoked half. It turned out that it was hell too much to smoke. I am currently sitting megaüber fried and trying to remember all the different substances I smoked from the bong.I think that the scrap on scrap can be more cozy than the original sometimes, However, I dislike wannabis, but smoked the scrap from the bag I tried.The craziest scrap I have smoked was out of a pipe I had smoked 5g black, 10g brown 5g grass and then I and three poles smoked sage from it. It was so fucking sick so it wasn’t true! Of course, I had smoked all the substances clean in the pipe. no tobacco! damn what a scratch I got. don’t know if it was salvian that did that little extra!
Don’t forget that you can smoke the brown / black that stays inside the bottle after a long time. Pull down the first with knife and pull tobacco against what is left. Have gone Wasted, boom, noname, wannabis and escape. Damn what it tasted of cozy worse. Brands of wasted and escape most, Fat worth smoking scrap! I myself sit and smoke cannabis leaves in a bong, it works pretty well with, As everyone has already said: Scrap on smoke mix works !! I have no “buy voucher” but run with the same tube + cup and change 0.5l bottle at regular intervals (or rather did). I noticed that the scrap collected on the inside of the bottle is much more potent than that from the tube + cup. Anyone more than me who made the same discovery? I’m sorry to have to inform you that the PB-22 with all guarantees gives effect to the “spice stick” it is because I have pissed several times and everyone has expressed the “spice” now has they also sent it on analysis so i don’t know if it will show anything there. Will return with more information about it.
To hell it is…

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