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Spice / smoke mix / SC in the media

Indoor drug increases in Karlstad

  • Marijuana and Spice have increased tremendously, says Niklas of the police’s youth group. Since there may have been two fittings out of ten last year, we may be up to six or seven fittings out of ten.
    The police have seen that the drug is used as far down the age as in thirteen-year-olds. Spice is based on a synthetic version of the active substance in cannabis and can be overdosed due to the powerfulness of the substance. Last fall, Spice was drug classed in Sweden, but it has been available for at least four years, so it has long been a legal drug. The cost is around SEK 20 for a drink.
    The youth group tries to have outreach activities at taverns, has contact with the guard staff and serving staff.
  • Then we have uniformed staff who have direct contact with guards at the taverns.
    According to Niklas, it often happens that the public tips on drug-affected persons.
  • It happens every day, from someone who is drunk to a pub environment.
    On Tuesday, about 120 audience members of the Galaxy told Magnus Sjödén about trends in drug abuse in Dalarna.

The fact that people are smuggling small or large amounts of drugs over the Internet makes the job difficult for the police.

  • We have poor resources when it comes to internet excitement, Sjödén explains.

Either the drugs are delivered in a padded envelope straight home in the mailbox or they are sent by registered mail. Money is also sent in the same way.

  • If people with miscarriages pick up a lot at drop-off points, it can be a warning clock.

According to drug police Magnus Sjödén, four new drugs have arrived in Dalarna:

  • Spice, a smokable herb mixture containing cannabis, has increased mainly around Vansbro.
  • Butylone, an ecstasy-like preparation, has been found on some guests in Sälen.
  • Mephedrone or metedrone, also called shrimp or cancer because of the smell, is so far mostly used in the Hedemora and Avesta regions.
  • MDPV, a powerful ecstasy-like preparation, has increased a lot and is used mainly in Avesta, Borlänge and Vansbro.

Magnus Sjödén also talked about how the drug police work during the Peace & Love festival in Borlänge.

  • It’s the most fun week of the whole year to work. Last year we took around 80 people for drug offenses.

During the Uppsala reggae festival, which only lasts for three days, about 300 are arrested for the same crime. According to Sjödén, this is because the police there have more resources and another organization.

  • It seems that we will also invest more for the 2011 festival because it was so easy last, says Magnus Sjödén.

Festivals are a place where many people try drugs for the first time, according to Sjödén. The drug police mainly work at the campsites.

  • We have very good cooperation with organizers and guards.

Most of those arrested for drug offenses at the festival last year had most smoked cannabis, but amphetamines also appeared and a now unusual drug like LSD.

The inspiration day for drugs was organized by the County Administrative Board and the Central Association for Alcohol and Drug Information in collaboration with Borlänge and Mora Municipality. Invited were people who work preventively with young people in, for example, school and social services.

Fyfan what gets angry when magazines write these fake sneak stories. After all, it’s almost a little comical when the article writer doesn’t even know what the drug he is describing is. That she and her friends would go to sleep after smoking, is only strange. Laughed out loud as I read that bit because I can hardly be alone in using these smoke mixes to help John Blund on the pile … Strange that they suspected that she had taken something central stimulant after 6 waking days … I bet my money on not wanting to admit her mephedrone use, powder does not all want to be paired with.
 Quote, I don’t know if this is the right post to address this on but … It’s because I ordered spice with a friend. LA’s Vegas and Duble Dutch! I have smoked once before with bong, she has never tested. We also ordered a pipe … and then I will come with a huge beginner’s question! Do you use foil like we did with bong or do you just put the nail in the barrel and light it? ha ha

When I first tested I took too mkt, it felt like I was a doll and someone controlled my body parts, then I start crying, then gap laughing and then it lasted for 1 hour! So how much is too much, because I do not want anyone to happen to my friend. Spice (the product) is gone, cut, will never come back!

They are sure you are fucking taking it! But you should come, play smart, word police, think you know better by writing lots of shit like that

“It’s called smoke mix, spice is a name of a brand that is now a drug classified drug”

like you, KEEP FUCKING Jaw!

You get cocky, play important and smart, you think you become something, get the worst attitude as soon as you e behind the screen, WHY ??

Then smoke mixes are generally called spice,

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