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Still ruined brain since spice abuse

A few years ago I was addicted to spice, smoking the last time in late 2013 I think.
I still have sick feelings of unreality, is like seeing everything through a television screen or like it is a fog between me and the rest of the world, damn hard to explain. Can still get quite skewed thoughts and some paranoia.
Does anyone else have these problems? Smoked many times a day for probably half a year, was up several grams a day at most and woke up even at night and needed to smoke so was really cod.
The only thing I want is to be normal in my head again, but really have no idea how, Think the best thing is to accept that things are as they are. If you get “normal” again, no one can answer. Then I don’t think it needs to be that bad, we all experience things differently and why not explore it further. The brain and body, on the other hand, have a much better ability than many people think to repair themselves, so if you want to look into it, read on for neuroplasticity. The same thing can happen whether the drug is dangerous or not. Opiates / benzo can cause anxiety that lasts for years after stopping the drug if you are unlucky even though the drugs in turn are not physically harmful in any way. It is never good to use drugs every day because the brain changes its chemical balance after them and it is basically never better, especially after you have stopped using them as it can take forever before you feel normal again if used. for a long time.I agree with you, the plasticity of the brain has the ability to repair most things, the problem is that there is no definite time as to how far it can take. It can take a few days or many years, it is impossible to predict because it is completely individual. But the chance that TS will recover sometime in my time is also much greater in my opinion than h * n does not. I made myself and it was good those who smoked and bought. Smoked myself for a while maybe an average of 1-2 times a week then I quit. However, none of the older varieties were the oldest I used was AB-fubinaca. Then tested someone for them and got psychosis. Remember when it released on the psyche. I did not first understand what I was doing there, then let go of the psychosis and understand what had happened.
Was completely ruined for 2 years after it started to release. But at the same time had benzo psychosis thanks to flubromazolam. Remember the day I took my last blossom spice then I saw myself pushing myself out of a bubble, then 3 months is completely up and down I have been told storytelling now afterwards.

We were a bunch that started selling in the island region, after we had smoked and made our own. We smoked lots of just the fub, for half a year. Wondering what would happen to us if we had continued to this day. With the pfizer making the noid, lyrica worked with making cold turkey. But the symptoms remained for a longer period.Bought a variety called blast off long ago and it was really nice you almost triple for 30 minutes then they were no more with me then a few years later so I went to England again and went in in a legalhigh shop again and asked for the strongest judgment they had, I thought I have driven them before so why not the best = strongest as young and stupid as you were haha, and they are the first time I was close to asking the poles to call an ambulance hell really psychos smoke they are.

and then they got to order home when you came to sweden and used there too, then came the side effects became very dirty and body and soul felt pie the more you used the first drug and the only one I flushed down the toilet, took 3-4 months to become law in the body again generally depressed all the time and off ush.

Do not think it is so good to pill on cannabinoid receptor with rc variants when they affect so many areas of the brain.

Everything heals over time only you get a little healthy and gives the brain the right conditions to recover in
I don’t know any side effects of my previous spice smoking. Smoked type almost every day for 5 years, but now I do not touch it anymore. Last I bought Cumyl-cb-pinaca and it was totally fucked up, just got anxiety and shit off the drug. At first it was a little cool intoxication but after a while it was just a hell of it. Don’t feel any side effects either. I stopped smoking noids when AB-Fubinaca was rated. After all, everything that has come after them is too dose-potent and feels downright toxic in real terms.
Ab-Fubinaca, however, thought I was disrupting my vision for some time. Flickering, light sensitivity, headache, nausea eg.
Now it’s been a long time since. Can’t answer whether you will be normal again or not.

But one tip is neurogenesis (getting the brain to form more cells). You do this with regular physical activity (at least 4 times a week) as well as good diet and sleep.
Also, make sure you get the right amount of vitamins. Above all, vitamin b8 inositol that can help treat mental health problems such as schizophrenia, and vitamin b12 that counteract the neurotoxic damage that you may have caused your brain.

I have also started taking Lions mane (hedgehog fungus) extract to repair my brain after potential damage due to my previous abuse.
Don’t know if it’s a placebo or not but since I started taking it my tinnitus disappeared almost completely. Strange that some seem (say at least!) To get such injuries, so long after they stopped spice. And that they almost died about in a single zip, when I myself have used these different cannabinoids since around 2009-2010 and not noticed any particular injury or psychosis or any of what so many people write?

I actually think that a lot of people are just hateful for this just because you think real thc is so much more harmless and more?
I also think that a lot of people write lots of crap that they THINK can happen, just for these people read some obscure absurd note in, for example, the evening magazine or similar media.

Obviously all drugs are dangerous and harmful, but so much trouble some people say they get from just spice, I think is mostly shy and crap. Sometimes it was like smoking a cigar and at other times they were lying on the floor trying to get the breathing function started again. My personal experience is that my memory has greatly deteriorated after a year of abuse of all possible noids. It has now been about 6 years since I took my last flare and it has not improved significantly.

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