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Substance: AB-FUBINACA

Substance: AB-FUBINACA → N – [(1S) -1- (aminocarbonyl) -2-methylpropyl] -1 – [(4-fluorophenyl) methyl] -1H-indazole-3-carboxamide

Strength: Pure powder

Form: Powder

Dosage: 7 milligrams, 10-12 milligrams

Smoking method: Cigarette with filter

A description of the drug: The first drug I had on this cannabinoid was after a night of 3-MMC and some alcohol and benzodiazepines. I had also smoked a number of cigarettes with smoke mix during the night which means I already had tolerance for the moment. The rut was really nice in which case. The body felt very heavy but both stunned and euphoric at the same time. When I lay down in bed and put on music in my headphones and then turned a blind eye, I ended up directly in a form of tunnel illuminated on the sides. I walked through the tunnel and could see stars, shells, flowers, fire and other nature-related things.

The second time when I smoked ten milligrams of powder as the first cannabinoid cigarette for the night was on the verge of overdose. Nothing serious happened and I stayed calm as usual, but I was a little too scared. Post a story about this in the spoiler last in these posts.

Side effects: I’ve vomited it, otherwise nothing.

Other: It has a really disgusting taste when you smoke it. It really tastes like chemicals and can easily cause you to vomit if you are already worn out.

Rating: 9/10. Apart from smoking too much, this was the most beautiful cannabinoid I’ve ever tried. If you smoke reasonable doses, it is really relaxing, easily psychedelic and very nice physically.

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