Updated : Nov 23, 2019 in Cannabinoids

Synthetic cannabis – Sleep problems?

  Threw up a thread a couple of days ago about the satisfaction of cod when I psyched at a cafe. So what happened was that I was half or half unconscious for about 40-60 minutes. So this was last Saturday and have had a lot of sick experiences since then, which means I sleep a maximum of 4 hours at night (very bad hours unfortunately). So what happens is that in my dreams I usually smoke everything, which feels incredibly real too, the intoxication is almost exactly the same as a real spice intoxication. The dream can last for 30 minutes up to an hour but then I wake up automatically and fall asleep with the same effect. Now the last two days the dreams have contained alcohol intoxication that is really real or just a dream that also feels just as real, but the problem is that I ALWAYS wake up after a short time which continues all night. Just wanted to check if anyone has had a similar experience & if so how long does it last? Starting to see it as a real fucking problem now. Don’t smoke synthetic crap you don’t know if you get a bad batch and it ruins your chemical stability in the brain, for that part I have polishes that have similar gadgets and they stopped right after, stopped completely now, the last time was last Saturday. But these dreams thus, If you smoke regularly it may have to do with it, then unfortunately the only cure is to either smoke another or throw a fist at you, keep me away from it altogether instead. Incidentally, dreams have been diminished and sleep is slowly coming back, so if someone has something similar, abstinence is the best. down the number of receptors but when you stop they come back. This gives clearer dreams and more memories of these over a period of time.

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