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Terrible side effects of Spice .. experienced smokers please help!

 I am a 19 year old girl who started smoking spice maybe 5 months ago … I have been smoking back and forth for about 5 months, but now for a few weeks it has been too much, and about a week ago maybe, so I do not remember what happened and I do not remember if it was during the time I was burned that I suddenly got this nojan, I did not feel as usual sat searching the net for what was wrong, because I felt sluggish and yes I just sat and didn’t really understand what had happened …
now i have been smoking for 5 days, and i am so weird in my head so there is not ..
can not concentrate on things without thoughts flying away elsewhere, I lose words, and have difficulty keeping up with a discussion, feeling anxious and reluctant that it will always be like this? I also have terrible bad time perception, forget things constantly and the more I think about all things that are not right it only gets worse .. I also find it difficult to spell into simple words that I really can, (have had to look up several words while I write this post) – also suffer from cruel anxiety over everything, my whole life feels totally meaningless, lost the appetite for food. apologize if the post is terribly messy, but since I am so ” empty ” in my head I have a hard time getting my thoughts down here in a post ..

can also add that spice or drugs are not something I will ever touch again.
I just don’t know where to go …
will it always be like this?
what is really happening to me?
feel that the post is messy, but i hope someone can help me or at least someone who enjoyed it like this. ? how big is the risk that it will always be like this? or how long can it be like this?

is there any chance that I will be completely restored again?
what should I do? Was the same for a cop he smoked type 5 grams of spice a day for a long time, he broke down in panic attacks etc when he quit. It goes away, just take it easy … Go out and take some fresh air or something.

Don’t touch the shit again then, the AT is huge I know … ush I know I feel so bad that I don’t really know where to go ..

I have gone from being a very lively, happy and social person to just the opposite ..

I try to do things that I usually like, but as soon as I think of other thoughts I become aware of it and immediately start thinking that my life is fucked up ..
feels like i’m getting really sick really …. /: usch can’t even grasp how i could be so damn stupid to even start..does not have to be an ignition either. Depersonalization is something that can happen even without drugs being involved, although there is of course a greater chance that it will occur with drugs.
Several poles and even I knew it before, sometimes you just felt quite disconnected. Nobody smokes spice today and no one has any feelings about it.

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