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The days of JWH are gone.

Wondering how to use these noids responsibly
I have this very potent blend containing 5f-sgt-151 (CUMYL-PeGaCLONE) and just realised that it is probably the best bang for buck ever and will last me a while.Does anyone have any idea how fast you develop a physicall addiction to this chemical? Is using it every night to much? Twice a week?I can’t find any information about this on google and I guess it is just not well understood.Honestly, the first recommendation I’d have for you is to avoid Reddit when it comes to RC’s and Noids especially. Most people here hear the word “noid” and will instantly try to lecture you about the dangers of the new cannabinoids despite having no experience with them whatsoever. This is especially true if you’re from Europe. The US Scene is vastly different than that of Europe.Daily use wasn’t manageable for long before it caved into many times daily from rapid insanely high tolerance. 1 hit in the start was a 10/10 cannabis like stoned . 2 hits was nod territory. Any higher you would seize with what we smoked. But by the end was smoking whole blunts so big you couldn’t tell they were ever split to begin with. I’d roll one while smoking one and drop the lit one in tbe yard and light the next one and repeat ad nauseum. Withdrawal was worse than coming down from meth. Do not fuck with unless you hate yourself like me. There is plenty of other cheap nice highs that won’t fuck you up,
If you’re from Europe there are some great forums out there, that will actually give you some good information with users that have year-long experiences with cannabinoids and other research chemicals.
The 5f-sgt is pretty well known at this point and there are dozens of user reviews out there (if you know where to look ofc.). The sentiment that the ‘new’ cannabinoids are much more dangerous than the old ones might be true for the US/Canada, but that sure as hell isn’t the case for Europe.5f-Cumyl-Pegaclone is without a doubt a very potent cannabinoid that you should only consume in very small doses but it’s NOTHING compared to 4f-adb and others.Also: I hope that, since you’re from Europe you’ve ordered from a site which initials are RG. If so, you’re quite safe as their blends are rather weak and are guaranteed to actually contain 5f-sgt. Still: Start with 5-6 crumbs (across a joint). This will already be enough to get you high. Do not make the mistake of thinking of this stuff is about as potent as THC (that’s where most horror-stories come from).As to the addictiveness of this noid: Compared to other noids the potential for addiction is quite a low, but still there. There are many regular users (many months of daily use) that barely had an issue with stopping cold-turkey. The regular symptoms of withdrawal are mostly increased sweating, some tingling in your skin and mood swings. Theses withdrawals usually last for 3 to 4 days. Compared to some other, older noids, this is nothing.About other dangers: The 5f is pretty forgiving when it comes to overdosing. The old “spice-zombie” stories are a thing of the past and quite literally impossible to achieve with this noid. An overdose of 5f-sgt will result in nervousness and an increase of your heart-rate. But still, it’s very manageable, especially since it’s only lasting for 15 to 20 minutes (max.).Overall: The 5f-sgt-151 is a lot safer than many other cannabinoids. BUT I would still recommend you to not even start it. You might not get addicted, but once you’ve started going down the RC-hole it’s hard to get out of it.
And the best recommendation I have for you is, once again, do NOT ask reddit about RCs if you’re from Europe. Just look at the answers to your question. None of them seem to have any experience with this noid, if they have even heard of it (which I doubt… it’s not very common in the US). Instead, you have people like Mrrunsforfent that give complete non-answers based of their experience with a completely different chemical.If I were you I’d just use it sporadically, every night will definitely cause a physical dependency. It’s one of the most potent synthetic cannabinoids on the market right now so the withdrawals will be hellish and if you stick with occasional use that one batch will last you forever.I haven’t tried that noid so can’t really talk from experience, but what I have heard a lot is that 5f noids in general can be pretty nasty for you in terms of addiction, mental issues, withdrawal, etc. I will tell you that I don’t know the science behind it, that’s just what I’ve read. IMO the move is to go with noids that people say are mild, like FAB-144 or NM-2201, those being the only ones of the newer generation that I’ve tried and had good experiences with.

I really hate to tell anyone to do anything at all but seriously even that one batch you could very easily wind up having a problem. The answer is it varies person to person how quickly addiction sets in.
Benzos are a hell too different story though and a very bad one sadly. You need to be extremely careful with those subs. Never if you are addicted cold turkey. Don’t play with that, there is a case even for a heart attack or start to feel weird symptoms as was the case for me. 1. I thought I was under a heart attack 2. I had weird complicated problems exactly the same as I don’t know if I say it right had the symptoms of uric acid. Cramps, kidney pains and a lot more.I would look at it this way: how much is your quality of life worth? You have the rest of your life ahead of you I imagine. I would toss it ASAP but that’s just me. Everything I’ve read about the currently legal noids is bad bad bad. The days of JWH are gone.

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