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Trying to do as much good as possible with noids

Attempting to do however much good as could be expected with noids in my locale

I am a normal midwestern raccoon and live in a urban raccoon city (see what I did there?) Anywho, I am an incidental noid smoker. There is a flat out pestilence around there concerning these substances. I am expecting to change that.

My desire is to come up with a compound blend that has a high wellbeing profile, pleasant impacts, and hazy area lawfulness and simple accessibility.

My solitary involvement in noids that I totally comprehended what the synthetic substances I was smoke FOR A FACT were are the og’s jwh-073, jwh-018. Other than that I frequently wonder about what precisely is being placed into my body. The impacts are about the equivalent but somewhat less attractive.

I would like to locate the most loosening up home grown mix, most secure/charming noids (I need to place 3 or 4 in to extend it to huge extents as well as to likewise make it one of a kind), CBD (about 5mg per gram of plant material since I have blended noids in with CBD smoking mixes and despite the fact that the impact isn’t exceptionally articulated it helps with the extreme tension after one’s underlying smoke of the day). In conclusion, and this is something I am not hellbent on, yet I likewise need to place in a substance that would subdue the impacts and include another agreeable layer (something like, say, a smokable benzodiazepine). I realize that blending benzos into a noid mix is a flat out no go yet ideally you get my fantastic picture.

The issue around these parts is that bunches are continually capricious and there are all things considered around twelve ER visits for every day for noids.

I might likewise want to pressure this is ABSOLUTELY NOT SOMETHING I WOULD DO IN THE REAL HUMAN WORLD however anything goes in raccoon city as you probably are aware and I am basically attempting to follow in the strides of that wacky steam punk hippy man from New Zealand.

All in all, until weed is legitimized broadly, what in the assessments of this gathering would be perfect for my pretend blend? Shouldn’t something be said about methqualone analogs in VERY moment sums? A specific home grown mix that would draw out a chill angle?

Additionally remember the greater part of the raccoons in this city know about and utilize EXCESSIVELY high measures of these total questions they smoke on an hourly premise. ANy info would be valued, and hell perhaps have the option to savea life or fend off somebody from harming themselves or others.

I might want to much thanks for your answer. I have been around the exploration compound scene since before activity web tryp and have been around sufficiently long to see devestation from paramethoxyamphetamine to the beginning of phenazepam, had a companion kick the bucket on 5meoamt, went through 12 years infusing sedatives and have been honored by the blessing from god known as suboxone 3 years prior, since which I have not gone through a day without suboxones. In any case, I diverge…

I might want to apologize on the grounds that in the wake of perusing my unique post it seems like my purpose was to make something much the same as NUKE from Robocop 2 or something. Give me a chance to make this entirely unmistakable: This is actually what I am attempting to anticipate.

There are totally a great many frightfully routinely dependent propensity framed toonchi (k2 zest whatever you call it) addicts and they manage indistinguishable bad dreams from you have heard on the media concerning this circumstance. Give me a chance to reword my inquiry:

Given that synth noids are presently a bonafied enormous, detailed and perilous underground market threat from Siberia to New Zealand, what might be your sentiments on endeavoring to give clients a similar high and experiencine and while in transit to that goal check whether we can ‘flavor things up for the postiive? I’d likewise prefer to add another layer to this onion: Toonchi addicts around here are 99% of the time on meth and 25% of the time on heroin. This clearly likewise raises the stakes. I have spoken with some recouping toon addicts and they have been sharing some mindful thoughts on approaches to jump destined for success. Some of them got off by cutting their inventory with tobacco. Some have added CBD to the blend (have been informed that it really can remove enormous measures of toon withdrawal which in spite of the fact that I haven’t encountered it, it seems like nothing else I have ever heard the extent that intense detoxification goes.)

So again on the off chance that you have stuck it out this long with this post and have ANY thoughts, encounters, stories, damnation regardless of whether ya just wanna continue talking smack in any event there will be some type of talk!! 😀

The story that made me consider this in connection to manufactured noids is the push for decriminalization of psilocybin mushrooms in CHicago and Denver.

I had actually posted something about a year ago to the same extent, here were some of the possible additions to a blend which are not super harmful to smoke

pagaclone or other legal zdrugs

qualude analogs


the large family of thorazine derived anti-psychotics like promethazine, chlorpheniramine, hydroxyzine, etc

carbamates like soma

a-1 / a-2 agonists like xylazine or clonidine



glutethemide (obviously something related to glutethemide since it is probably non existent on this planet)










So back to the blends, I have had excellent experience with lion’s tail aka dagga extract but i suspect that is in some of these blends. very chill and tastes sweet like flowers. Any idears there comrades?

Lastly, what are some of the more popular recently released noids? I was surprised to see that original jwh’s are still available on the dweb.

I just know about one spot where “smoking on that toon” holds any critical worth. Also, your gauge of poly substance clients in the 99% region is screwing spot on lol. Like that slang in that spot for me actually, I’ve just heard in an unfriendly environment.To be reasonable, Diamond CBD at one point contained various substances (I trust DXM and one of the 5f arrangement), and I’m certain the individuals who devised that recipe probably attempted other poop too before arriving on that combination.Jwh-018 is my long haul noid gf, yet I saw 073 as an afterthought. These are clearly still accessible, not unreasonably I would know anything about that.Cbd! The koi 1000mg/30ml unflavored vape juice is extraordinary! ~34mg per ml and one ml added to a tank of 200mg/30ml c juice is an incredible change likened to high CBD cannabis.

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