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Virtually all of them can now be traced! (RMV)

Virtually all synthetic cannabinoids can now be traced! (RMV)
I just came to the forensics website’s website of pure curiosity just and usually check their analysis list to see what drugs they can track. In the past, it has been very vague on the front to be able to track synthetic cannabinoids. Now they can track virtually all cannabinoids – including today’s legal variants. This applies mainly to blood tests but many can also be traced in urine tests.
Thus, you are no longer safe from getting away with smoking new cannabinoids. I thought it might be worth paying attention to this for those of you who believe that AB-FUBINACA, for example, cannot be tracked during tests. Legal cannabinoids, like all other legal research chemicals, do not impose legal penalties if it is discovered that you are using them and are randomly drug tested. By contrast, drug use of both illegal and legal drugs can pose problems when taking samples, such as a driver’s license revocation, where you leave regular trials, rehabilitation centers or other situations that require drug release.

For example, in a traffic accident, a drug is tested. Likewise, if for that matter one is stopped in a traffic control and exhibits symptoms of impact. If the sampling proves to be positive on any legal substance, it is classified as a violation of law. Thus, you will not escape regardless of the actual legal status of the substance. It will then be classified as carelessness in traffic; something that you will be prosecuted for and most likely will also be convicted of.

It can also apply to injuries in the working life when handling dangerous machines, for example. If you cause an accident at your workplace that causes bodily injury or otherwise create problems and is tested for drugs where a test shows positive, where it is judged that it was as a result of this accident, the probability is that you will be prosecuted for carelessness In some form. I created a thread where I said the name of all synthetic cannabinoids that are traceable, however, I had no list but guessed what substances it was. + That it was removed and damn it was 95% correct on my list
thank you for the list now I can ask my lab to create new from what is not visible! Well, an individual private person I do not think they would listen to. Rather, be the gang that probably controls this lab that decides when to do what and how. The chemists hardly think they will sit down and start coming to the next substance if a random private person in Sweden contacts them, unless the bid is within the correct price range. Then you can probably expect to pay a good sum iaf. Why should they make new shit to just “me” here in sweden eg just because they can be tracked through sampling, they will not lose so much income. Now maybe what you say is right, but I do skeptical about it. Whether he has contact with a lab or not is not the discussion at the moment. That he doesn’t have that is pretty obvious. However, it is quite possible to contact lab and get customsynth if you have money for it, know several RC shops who have done so.

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