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Weed is psychedelic, is there a non psychedelic artificial cannabinoid?

So half of a year ago weed changed. It grew to be psychedelic, with visuals. The months after that it grown and grown and now it has a headspace like LSD as well. Very fun, however no longer for sleep.Then I tried Fub-AMB, which was virtually fun, but even more psychedelic! Even for my friend for which weed is not psychedelic. My query is, is there a noid that is non psychedelic, even for humans which have “psychedelic weed”, and are there different human beings for who’m it grew to become psychedelic after lengthy time every day use (or after taking actual psychedelics)?Wait what. Weed Visuals? What the hell are you smoking? I been smoking Weed/Hash on and off sense i was once 15years old, im 27 now. I in no way had any bizarre Visuals off weed. Weed is now not consider to give you actual actual Visuals. Sure it may improve your Eye sight or atleast make it feel liek that. But Visuals? Sounds extra like you have to lay of the drugs, and nothing else lol. Getting Visuals and LSD like head area off weed is not normal.Weed can change with psychedelic use. Look up: “psychedsubstance – weed after psychedelics” on youtube. I smoked it for a year everyday, and it did the identical for me as you when you smoke. That modified after tripping 10 times (in this case 2C-B). Not all of us get’s it, and it is ussualy light.
It turns into a completely unique drug.And I live in the Netherlands, with top notch coffeeshops and dealers. And I tried each and every stress I get get here. So I do not smoke terrible weed.I’ve tripped hundreds of instances and in no way had visuals until recently. A few months ago I met up with an historical close friend, who had given me my first hit of dmt three years in the past right earlier than he moved across the country. He got here again to the location and I confirmed up where he was once staying with a bunch of dmt I had extracted. Between the two of us we smoked a little underneath 2 grams over the direction of 24 hours. I went domestic after that and when I walked via the door my brother provided me a large dab. I had in fact no tolerance and it put me on the verge of a panic assault so I went to lay down. When I closed my eyes I went into a crazy trip that was completely unique from psychedelics but but certainly heavily influenced with the aid of dmt. The visuals went strong for two hours up until I fell asleep. Very ordinary experience. it is very tons like a trip, 2C-B is the most close, but each time i day trip or even use MDMA it adjustments a bit too that compound. People who do not outing from weed can additionally day out sometimes when smoking very very excessive dosis, maybe that is what you experienced. Whem you smoke now, you have it still?A few years ago I smoked some thing ridiculous like a gram of wax and ate some edibles lower back when I had a big tolerance and the whole thing seemed brighter and I used to be getting that refraction where the whole thing variety of glistens rainbows. I think there’s been at least one other time something like that passed off but it is constantly from smoking large quantities and it is virtually not a ordinary thing.thats indeed from smoking much.. can you experience it though? For me it’s the very first element I experience after my first puff. Although I never smoked DMT, it works like that: instantly. Even before I sense stoned. Very abnormal and rare, however happilly now not the solely one. My tolerence is decrease then when I smoked my first joint. I put 0.05 grams of weed in a joint and am nevertheless as stoned as the others😂.. 50ug of acid feels like 200ug now. All drugs, even caffeine, modified in tolerence. Atleast very cheap.This remaining time I was experiencing a lot of anxiousness and negative thoughts. I was doing my fantastic to center of attention on the particularly visuals to distract myself from what used to be going on in my head however I wasn’t doing a very properly job. Based off of that experience, and all of us else’s experiences with weed trips, I used to be left with the influence that psychedelia from weed is someway linked to anxiousness from weed. This appears lengthen to synthetic cannabinoids too — the extra psychedelic a cannabinoid is, the more anxiogenic it is.Well that doesent manifest to me atleast. I smoke hash like every day lol, up to 2-3 grams on a Daily basis, and so its been for 10+ years. If this is true, then do you comprehend like how many humans experiance stuff like it? I been doing alot of fucking Acid, Mushrooms. DMT. PCP. Ketamine, and a vary of other Chemicals, and i by no means had any Visuals what so ever off weed lol, It has however enchanded my Visuals when i been on a hallucinogen. But not when i solely smoked weed alone. I will check pscyedsubstance out on the topic, i been a follower of him for a while now. Thx for the tip ! I smoked 10 grams a day and by no means obtained whatever psychedelic. I grew my personal plants (that is allowed here) and it was once all normal. Then I started with psychedelics, and then suddenly, the day after 2C-B my mind was blown due to the fact I say visuals. At first it scared the shit out of me. Then one of the two friends I use psyches with additionally got it a few months after that. He had a panic assault at 3 in the nignt and called me. So I instructed him it’s normal. My lady friend and another friend have it now too. The other buddy doesn’t, whilst he used plenty greater psyches that the first one. It is random, however now not uncommen underneath each day people who smoke that use psychedelics.
The weirt thing is, it starts offevolved very small. Like a little color intension etc. When you continiue with both weed and psyches it get’s more advantageous and stronger, and additionally when you are sober. I have now not viewed the world barring visuals for half a yr now. Also one weirt thing: your tollerence will drop decrease then ever before. It’s lower then when I smoked my first joint. 2 hits is what 3 joints was. Also 50ug of acid is as strong as 200 for “normal users”.Also every drug u take (i tried atleast 20 drugs) change the visuals. It’s like weed recreated the final trip, but like 5% of it.Cant this have something to do with like HPPD maybe? HPPD do exhibit symptoms in humans even when sober. Some of the things you say, atleast have some simular matters to HPPD. HPPD is not common, however it does happen. Well this sounds interesting, however at the equal time horrible lol. I will have to study some about it. Hope you finally receives rid of these problems brother. It cant be that awsome to have experiances like this .Well no, although I also idea that at first. It is like HPPD, however not the same. The motive that it would not go away is due to the fact I preserve smoking. After a day trip you can get “after impact visuals”. It’s like that. At first it did go away after 3 days of no longer smoking (that is now not how HPPD is), and whilst it got intenser, it stored staying for longer. When I don’t smoke for a week it is very subtle, but then I smoke again haha.It is truly pretty fun, but no longer in the same way. I used to smoke in the evening, and now I do it in the woodland when I am geared up for a real experience. It is fun, however when you treat it as it was, it isn’t. That why I send the post, due to the fact I would love some thing I can do in the same way as I used to smoke weed. I don’t like alcohol that much.Weed is very visible and psychedelic for some people. I suppose prior substantial experience with psychedelic materials increases this capacity, when available.I’ve had open eyes visuals from edibles earlier than at like nearly a 1/4g of thc. I’ve been smoking for nearly a decade and I simply had this experience about a month ago. It can be completed but I have to try regularly to get visuals.There was and they are no longer that lively for that reason out of the market rather soon.

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