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what did we get in us ?? warped out

This happened to me and my friend last night when we were at a party / rave in Stockholm. Earlier in the evening we drank some and were at a reasonable level all the time.

For 3-4 hours we are talking to two guys who are really fried on E. One guy asks if we want to “smoke”, we assumed it was grass and thanked yes. He sits a few feet away and rolls one. We fit around the dinghy and we smoke 7-8 flares each. We both react to how strong it tastes, a wild grass flavor but still “good”. Worth to add is that we both smoke more or less daily and this was something new. Still thought it was grass. At first it felt like a bad bang. 20 minutes later we head home.

When we come out of the party and are about to go home, it slams into hell. Me and my friend feel exactly the same. It’s like pulling 10 rows of thick and smoked grass on it. I start to see other color patterns, and for a while thought that I got acid in me. Our eyes were closed and it looked like a thunderbolt. After all, we felt good. It was a very strong “upward” feeling, but not in a euphoric way.

What did we smoke? Spice? Can say with 100% certainty that it was not weed or any strong strain.

Sounds like spice.
Did you have a kind of annoying feeling throughout your body and a kind of oxygen-in-the-brain feeling? It is usually that I almost always experience when I smoke “spice”.

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