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What is HEP

What is HEP

I ordered 5g’s of “HEP” – very little writing”white powder, similar with hexen” But I don’t know what this shit is…. I had NEP and loveddddd it – off of foil it was just like crack, and snorting it was great. This stuff has that flour like consistency of NEP but doesn’t vape right – and it’s hard to breath after hitting it (it also turns to oil really quickly, I blow nearly no smoke out after hitting some foil). Snorting and tasting numbs me up… but its like a chemical numb. The stimulation. idk – hard for me to rate that because I’m on subs and benzos (I LOVE clam) Idk… the bag had H2 written on it.
Hep is basically a shitty hex to my understanding it’s by far the worst Cath n is about eighty cents a gram. Claimed to be an analog of pentadrone as far as what I’ve read. It’s even worse then Eutylone. Caths in general are horrible substances when researched too much. The negative effects far weigh out the positive ones. I hope you steer clear of caths from now on. Ever since researching 4 ACO DMT I’ve been able to keep away from all chemicals. It really helped me understand who I am and am happy for the first time. I wish u the best on your quest. As far as the clam I’ve heard of it come in yellow crystalized form. Energy Control is doing a study where they will test chems for free in exchange for trip reports.

Was really, really hoping they made a mistake and that this was NEP (like they mistook the H for an N), but idk what this shit is, and am afraid to use anymore of it. I’ve got plenty of high quality clonazolam pellets and powder that I’m chilling on now as I get this weird shit out of my nose and body.

I can provide pictures if that helps? I’m contemplating submitting this to a drug testing lab to figure out wtf this is. And I ordered clonazolam and flualprozolam from the same place… and they were both crystalline…. I know good clonazolam powder, and have some – its brown and almost looks like heroin. This stuff that came with the order is crystalline and a light yellow color.

I’m just looking for any help at all. From the searching I’ve done it seems that this is a garbage analogue….
No offense man, but why would you possibly ingest an unknown substance? Not trying to be a dick, but this is how people die…
I got a sample of eutylone without asking for it and I HATE stims… Only one I enjoy is MDMA/mda . But the eutylone was actually pretty good. Snorted 120 mgs it gave me no noticeable stimulation, just a nice body buzz and decent euphoria and talkativeness.. not nearly as euphoric as MDMA but I wasnt able to test out bigger doses as I lost it after trying it twice lol. I definitely enjoyed it tho to thw point where I just put in another etiz order and asked them to throw in another eutylone sample lol
I used EU for awhile it was great until it wasn’t anymore. It lead to bad paranoia and eventually to full blown hallucinations. Granted it was after a month but I’ll never touch a Cath again. Just be careful with them.

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