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what noids are but aren’t they synthetics?

I need help. I’m not sure if I’m in the right place for this question. Recently I stopped smoking pot because I get drug tested now.I’m not completely sure what noids are but aren’t they synthetics? Anyways, a couple months ago I got kronic juice. I vaped it for two months and loved it. Felt like a high after hitting a dab! Unfortunately I bought a bigger bottle and ended up throwing it over a bridge because I started watching videos after people getting seriously addicted to synthetics and ruining there lives.. but the thing is I think it’s all in my head. I never go any withdraws when I got off of it except for some cravings but I’m sure that’s normal. When I smoke it , it last for about 15-30 minutes and I just chill and smoke it for maybe an hour. It doesn’t make me feel shitty only tired but even with weed I get tired after. So my question is, is vaping something like kronic juice bad? Is it like smoking a blunt of just synthetics? Sorry if I’m seem dumb but I’m totally new to all of this.yep used a lot of it on certain days for a period. the high is very punchy but fast to fade imo, but lovely to vape nevertheless,I still currently use it a fairly good bit, but the catch is I only spend $69.99 every 2 weeks on a 10ml bottle. Not bad. Overall I have really enjoyed this product.That’s what I’m saying, I did it two months straight like 7 times a day and threw it over a bridge and had no problems. Aslong as I get rid of it I’m fine,if your kronic juice does indeed contain jwh018, then it is considered the safest and best noid by many, one of the first to be marketed as a legal high, but is supposedly illegal in many jurisdictions. The chemical binds to alpha cannabinoid receptors with an affinity approx 5 times greater than that of thc, producing a more intense and shorter lived high. This increases the side effects, addictive potential, chances of psychosis or other underlying conditions being triggered. The best of the bunch maybe, but synthetic cannabinoids are too sketchy for regular use imo. Kronic juice is get throughit’s probobly bad we don’t even know what chem they are using but they’ve been getting less and less safe with every wave of bans. Just because you don’t feel withdrawals now doesn’t mean you won’t later. it can chime in about withdrawals and addiction.If you want to do synthetics buy pure powder from an RC vendor and make your own c-liquid so that you know exactly what’s in it, how much to dose, and how much will kill you. I think I linked the wrong guy was looking for someone else with similar name. imagine having no idea about noids and then suddenly being linked to a post talking about withdrawals, bans, RC vendors, and c-liquids. Must be so strange!I use this and I’m not even gonna lie this post isn’t true. My friends including myself once we get a bottle vape it constantly and it looks like how crack addicts are. This shit is potent and addictive as fuck. If I don’t have my bottle I don’t sleep. Stay safe!!!

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